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The Masque of Slaanesh
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by olliekickflip

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The Masque of Slaanesh

The Masque of Slaanesh

This is one of my favorite minis to paint!! It got Gold in Fantasy single at Games Day Baltimore 2009!!

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Viewer comments:
#328753 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2010
Simply great!
#325004 Rating: 10 22 Jun 2010
Truly an art peice! incrediable! i have been wanting to pain this model for a very long time and i dont know weather to paint one up and use your incrediable peice as an insperation or give up all hope and just drool over this alittle longer !
#321004 Rating: 10 30 Apr 2010
WOW!!! You make me feel like a noob. You are one of my top 10 favourite painters.
#316706 Rating: 10 2 Mar 2010
I never cared for this model until now. You really made it look awesome
#293567 Rating: 10 20 May 2009
Now this is one of my all time favorite miniatures! The purple and pink looks amazing and I think the freehand is rather nice! Amazing paint job
#286179 Rating: 9 5 Mar 2009
#286178 Rating: 10 5 Mar 2009
It looks great and it's amazing it only got an HM... Unbelievable. If I wanted to find a weak spot, then maybe the freehand on the tabard, although painted extremely well, might look a bit out of place there. A different design of that might've meant the differnce between the HM and a prize. Just a thought. Nevertheless, a fantastic mini, congrats!
#274362 Rating: 10 3 Nov 2008
This may seem like a terrible thing to say given the quality of the piece but I really like your base. Not just the wood, but the rock and the little paper, and how well it all just seems to mesh together with the overall feel. All in all very nice!
#273343 Rating: 10 22 Oct 2008
I wont even bother making a comment, just awesome!
#272366 Rating: 10 11 Oct 2008
What happened to the checkered dance floor board idea?






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