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Dalamyr - Fleetmaster of Umbar
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Avelorn

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Dalamyr - Fleetmaster of Umbar

Dalamyr - Fleetmaster of Umbar


This was my entry for the Lord of the Ring category in the UK Golden demons this year. I just want to take the time to say that I had a blast! I wish there had been even more time to hang around and chat! That I manage to get gold with this one was just a big bonus! I am really chuffed!

I'm quite happy how it came out overall. The face was a try to do even more detailing and get a feel for the expression of the miniature and try to also show a bit of the bonestructure. It was really helpful to look at historical larger scale miniatures and of course traditional art. I did have to do some slight re-sculpting though as the cast was missing one eye and a few other bits. The sculpt was pretty flat but that also meant that I could draw out all the detailing of the face and really make it my own.

I felt that I had to practice my freehand as well. So I thought I would do something over the top. The main inspiration was the painting of the so called "Russian Vityaz" Mine is not as sharp as theirs but it was really fun trying to analyse how they do their patterns. I went with pretty subdued colouring though just so that the freehand wouldn't take too much attention. Hopefully it works.

I got some really helpful suggestions during the way from Anders, Sebastian and Cedric! Thank you very much!

Comments and critique are very welcome!

Cheers and again great meeting all of you!

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Viewer comments:
#417894 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2014
#339329 Rating: 10 30 Jan 2011
This one is perfekt! Wish mine would be like that!
#293533 Rating: 10 20 May 2009
Incredibly detailed freehand and nice base!
#291813 Rating: 10 29 Apr 2009
WOW, this on is really great. I love the face.
#283682 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2009
I can't believe I hadn't commented on this already! Amazing freehand. The amount of detail in this piece is incredible.
#271156 Rating: 10 28 Sep 2008
best verson of this mini i have seen!
#271000 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2008
I love it, you reserve the gold, because you found a different mini with big quality. Th ecloak is amazing...cheers
#270899 Rating: 10 24 Sep 2008
was a real pleasure meeting you at long last and I love this piece so mch.. such a simple model brought to life with extraordinary painted detail. IRL the freehand looked a lot more subdued and really like embroidered detail.. well deserved gold....beautiful
#270857 Rating: 10 24 Sep 2008
i wasn't aware it was possible to get so much detail into a lotr model (those things are tiny) really nice job mate
#270786 Rating: 10 23 Sep 2008
It looks good on the screen, but BY GOD did it look good in the hand! Superb! Great colour choice, blending and freehand. Sven you are a talented chap and a Gent!






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