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'Kin Strife' UKGD Finalist, Eldar jet bike fight.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Donga


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'Kin Strife' UKGD Finalist, Eldar jet bike fight.

'Kin Strife' UKGD Finalist, Eldar jet bike fight.

This has been in bits and in a draw for an age now, so I thought it was worth a paint and submit (in the hope of getting a finalist badge). And guess did!
Having seen Demonherald's and Telonicus's efforts before the event I KNEW it was not a winner.

So Well done Rob, Mark and Nigel you are gents (well, not Nigel lol).

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#291724 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2009
Really like it, kind of reminds me of Return of the Jedi. A bit!
#290838 Rating: 10 19 Apr 2009
What a way to start the day though , spilling gw superglue over it lol I doubt I wil see something like that again
#273102 Rating: 8 20 Oct 2008
Love the whites, they're crisp and really stand out as the best part of a really good model
#272930 17 Oct 2008
Thanks everyone, this was a valuable 'learning' experience that went well. Thanks for the comments and all future ones
#272863 Rating: 9 16 Oct 2008
Crunch... i can hear the impact... cool work... won't have a view in your head these days... did you meet Darth Vader... "...come to the dark side!... he maybe said and now your struggling somehow hard in your head that a lot of dark/light fights will come up? Mmh... always choose the dark side - it's more funnier over there... Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
#272673 Rating: 9 14 Oct 2008
Cool! Road rage at it's finest. Love those little leaves too....
#272662 Rating: 9 14 Oct 2008
I thought this was a great effort Andy. I think there are certain areas that aren't as good as the rest but it certainly was striking in the cabinet. The painting is also much much smother than your crappy photo's suggest. Great stuff. Nigel






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