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Armorcast Phantom Titan
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Eldanesh


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Armorcast Phantom Titan

Armorcast Phantom Titan

My army's centerpiece

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Viewer comments:
#98871 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2004
Yes. Very smooth and graceful. Just like the Eldar. The colour blending is really good too.
#71446 Rating: 9 28 Jan 2004
A beautiful titan indeed. The smooth color transition and details are very eldar-like.
#36397 Rating: 9 22 Apr 2003
i don't think someone should be ashamed for using an airbrush. it's a painting tool, as a brush is. or micron pens (which is more "cheating" if you ask me). you have to master it like everything else, or you wont get no good results. i love this armorcast "mini". looks brilliant. especially the banners chaught my eyes.
#12818 8 Sep 2002
Yes, I consistantly use an airbrush in a lot of my models (not just vehicles). I'm getting to the point where I can reliably put inks and flo-aided paints thru my smaller and more accurate guns. I can easily do larger minis like Wraithlords etc. for a smooth blended finish and then go into the rest of teh model for detail work now. I can even get certain areas of rank & file minis blended acurately depending on the surface of the model.
#10463 Rating: 6 9 Aug 2002
Very, very nice. I'm always partial to greens and the highlighting and blending on this is sweet. The transfers are a nice addition!
#6361 Rating: 9 12 Jun 2002
Nice shart paint job
#6287 Rating: 9 12 Jun 2002
The blending just rules! I love it.
#4419 Rating: 8 13 May 2002
Have you used airbrush?
#1923 Rating: 8 31 Dec 1969
beautiful work. it looks very clean from the pic, well done. classic eldar color scheme too. makes me want to go home and break out my old epic collection... i still have a few phantoms to paint in it.
#906 Rating: 8 31 Dec 1969
that is huge if im not mistaken! very cool specially all the banners.






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