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Manufacturer: Andrea
Category: Fantasy

by ithandir

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#334278 Rating: 10 10 Nov 2010
I've seen this in real..simply amazing!
#290582 16 Apr 2009
Sorry for mistake.The photo can be retouched by photoshop, i can´t remember;but the miniature are painted with black and white, i won silver in world expo 2008 with finish miniature.I´ll put the final photos tomorrow.
#290413 Rating: 9 14 Apr 2009
Are you sure this is done in monochrome? Sorry to say this, but something just doesn't look right. It looks like it has just been put through the grey scale in PS. Sorry. But, if it hasn't then much kudos.
#290175 Rating: 10 11 Apr 2009
Psé...vaya chusta...que limpita y tal...jeje, te has salido con esta, a ver si te aguanta sin que se rompa el perno!!
#290086 Rating: 8 11 Apr 2009
Quite strange. There is no color variation due to the ambiant ligth. Like in the shadow on the background and on the satin black. really strange. So good value on your mini indeed.
#289846 Rating: 10 8 Apr 2009
A great piece... i just miss something with colour in the picture like a shoe or a hand or a colour pot or something to see that is really unbelievable...Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
#289503 Rating: 9 6 Apr 2009
Awesome but shouldn't the metallics have a white point as the brightest area. I think overall it looks better your way way composition wise. Very nice!
#289426 Rating: 6 5 Apr 2009
Your life is black and white la la laaaaa (8) Incredible song for one incredible miniature
#289424 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2009
Wow! 10! Am i right that you could see him in the KIT magazine?
#289415 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2009
WOW. Ordinarily one would not think that a grey scale paintjob could be so compelling, but this one is. A greta showcase of skill.






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