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CMON Contest 16 - Lich King from Mad Puppet Miniatures
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Category: Fantasy

by Home Of CadaveR


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CMON Contest 16 - Lich King from Mad Puppet Miniatures

Competition: CMON Contest 16 - Lich King from Mad Puppet Miniatures
CMON Contest 16 - Lich King from Mad Puppet Miniatures

It's been quite a while since I posted anything but this great sculpt from Mad Puppet really got me on my knees and almost forced me to grab my brushes yet again.

As a long time Warhammer fan, I had a specific image of the Lich I wanted to create, therefore I decided to choose purple and blue as the main colours. I also tried some OSL effect on the scull and the sword (the sword was quite a pain ... ). Finally some NMM on the gold areas (I would really like some comments on this part as this is the 2nd time I try this technique - the first one being my Steam Tank, see my gallery) and some freehand on the shield.

I finished him creating a simple but effective rocky-snow base. I wanted to create a dramatic effect on the base and the already sculpted rock on the miniature gave me the inspiration.

So, there you go! My first CMON Contest entry. I would really like to hear from you what you think.

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Viewer comments:
#299620 30 Jul 2009
Thank you so much for your comments. Maybe I got too much carried away with my "3rd edition Warhammer" paint sceme I had in mind and used the blues and purples a tad too vivid.
#299608 Rating: 7 29 Jul 2009
Very nice job, the standards for this competition are going to be higher than the last few because its a great sculpt. I feel that your colors are too saturated for this model (subjective to personal opinion). It would be nice to add some complimentary tones into your blues and purples to tone them down. That would increase the focus on the face, and make your osl stand out more.
#299506 Rating: 9 28 Jul 2009
That is very good ! You deserve a much higher score than the current average (6.5). I think the OSL effect on his head is pulled off really well and you could teach me a thing or two about OSL lol. The base is very good and so is the free hand on his shield. Excellent work!






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