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CMON17 - Kingha the Amazon from Enigma Miniatures
Manufacturer: Enigma
Category: Fantasy

by jarhead

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CMON17 - Kingha the Amazon from Enigma Miniatures

Competition: CMON Contest 17 - Kingha the Amazon from Enigma Miniatures
CMON17 - Kingha the Amazon from Enigma Miniatures


this is my version of Kingha the Amazon for the actual CMON Contest Number 17. I did a conversion on her hair, because i didn't felt comfortable with her puddle hair after all. I am not sure if i made it better in the end with my poor sculpting skills, but she really was a lot of fun, especially in the colour choices i have learned a lot.

I went painting her looking at those great models from automaton and tried to do a tribute to Sebastian in my colour choices and in the use of colours, in my eyes i have failed hardly, but it was a great experience trying to use the colours like he does - same colours in most of every parts. The colour choices went totally different in the end but as i see colour as something alive, there is not often a way to control her exactly as someone else does... so, thanks to sebastian for all his inspiration he always gives to me with his cracking paintjobs - this one is a tribute to you, haha... maybe you feel a bit of your painting in there - integrated in my dirty, weirdo style

I hope you like her! If you are intrested in some Work in Progress Shots or in a tutorial on how i did those stripes feel invited to:

So far, keep on happy painting!

PS: Painted to a collector!

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Viewer comments:
#305415 14 Oct 2009
Muchas Graciás! - happy that you like her
#305409 Rating: 10 14 Oct 2009
So impresive girl.....i love the tones and the environment that you apport in every mini....kisses
#305368 Rating: 10 13 Oct 2009
Fantastic base and painted to your usual high standard, you are a true painting machine!!! dfb
#305213 Rating: 10 12 Oct 2009
Another great work! Your little additions do this miniature better. Take care!
#305207 Rating: 10 12 Oct 2009
Another great base! With fantastic colours on the mini, and the base! bravo.
#305200 Rating: 9 12 Oct 2009
We can see "the Jar toutch on it"! A beautiful work ! Nice Job. May the force be with you! Good luck and good painting. Michael +++
#305178 Rating: 10 11 Oct 2009
Extraordinary combination of color, I have seen your own work, which sometimes took references found, perhaps this is one of them in the future. hugs. Salve!!!
#305156 Rating: 9 11 Oct 2009
lovely mood.. i like

#304214 Rating: 10 1 Oct 2009
interesting choice of colors...perfect Jar-style! Great painting. regards mXp
#304145 Rating: 9 1 Oct 2009
I really like the leather cap and the tassles, but 'm not sure about the pole with the skull. Otherwise yuo've done an excellent job of repeating the teal and purple tones. And what could be more Seb like than a nice bit of teal or turquiose






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