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Templars of Blood Landraider Crusader / Reedemer
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by gimiak

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Templars of Blood Landraider Crusader / Reedemer

Templars of Blood Landraider Crusader /  Reedemer

My latest painted mini for my SM army. I spend around one month to paint it and I'm very satisfied with my end result. Hope you like it. Happy painting.

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Viewer comments:
#318595 Rating: 9 28 Mar 2010
i think i might steal ur paintscheme lol jk awesome job!! (8D)
#318517 Rating: 9 28 Mar 2010
The silver is a little bit plain compared to the rest of the tank, but wow the weathering on the gold/brass sure is awesome! Overall a very striking tank, very gnarly and beat to hell, which is perfect because a Land Raider would really be in the roughest parts of the battlefield.
#318426 Rating: 10 26 Mar 2010
just WOW! That metal part would be worth a tutorial.

#318265 Rating: 8 25 Mar 2010
... a wiesz co o nim myślę z Chest of Colors Pozdrawiam.
#317992 Rating: 9 21 Mar 2010
Great weathering! Simply love it! Keep on happy painting!
#317983 Rating: 9 21 Mar 2010
Love the metal weathering, looks just like beaten copper. Did you paint the body of the tank using an airbrush, or am I mistaken? the only thing that kinda bugs me is how the vehicle can be so beat up and yet the forward shrapnel charges have no weathering, no rust spots, no nicks or dents, just seems a little out of place. But that's a minor detail cause the rest of it is amazing.
#317963 Rating: 10 21 Mar 2010
Amazing job, the tank is amongst the best I have seen in along time. The color choice, weathering and details all look perfect. I particularly like the lenses. The only thing thta would have made the piece better would hav ebeen some numbers or chapter insignia underneath the weathering layer.
#317925 Rating: 8 20 Mar 2010
This must be one of the best painted viecles i hav ever seen painted during all my years in the hobby. Absolutly love it, and i really hope you do that tuturial.
#317752 17 Mar 2010
Thank you for positive feedback. I have in mind an idea to prepare a tutorial, because a lot of people ask how I'm painting this gold/cooper 'thing'. I will do this working on my Templars of Blood Baal Predator in April / May. ;]
#317677 Rating: 9 16 Mar 2010
I feel like writing "Wash Me" on the side of it... Or at least just on the white parts (I assume its supposed to be white? maybe I'm just completely off-base). That's just proof that white is harder to keep clean than any other color. Beautiful weathering, I am quite a fan of the chipped paint around the hatches






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