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Death Company Blood Angel
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by jarhead


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Death Company Blood Angel

Death Company Blood Angel


This one was painted ... i have no idea why... i guess to bring some paint up on this fella, haha.

As my photo skills seem to vary from day to day and my available experience points were already spent on mind training on how to beat a gorilla up in arm wrestling i had no other choice to add a view into my cabinet to these photos.

The darkgrounded shots are made with 2 daylight lamps and all the equipment described here:

The one in my cabinet was done with lightning of the camera. Nargh, nargh, me don't like photos... but mind arm wrestling i am getting better

Hope you like him!
Keep on happy painting!

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Viewer comments:
#423912 Rating: 9 16 Jul 2014
Really love this marine , especially that black armour.
#389403 Rating: 10 2 Feb 2013
Man, I keep returning to this model; I think it may be my very favorite on CMON. First of all, the armor effect and black is just perfect. It reads as black, but there is plenty of subtle wear/tear detail to be found on it. Second, I think it was really interesting that you filed off the skull on the chest plate--I believe that it was a Blood Angels chest plate to begin with so there wasn't any real reason to do it, but it WORKS, and I can't quite say why. Finally, the feeling I get from the face is really somehow more properly how I imagine a Blood Angel to look than any other I have found. There is a hint of the older beautiful, noble Blood Angel there, but there is also something sickly and decaying, and altogether bloodthirsty that is conveyed. It is just perfect! So much of your stuff is technically brilliant, but for me this one captures the imagination in a way that is like bottling lightning. Congrats, truly.
#326425 Rating: 9 13 Jul 2010
its nice, is it just me or does the black look kinda dark blue? still great pose and i love the strip of skin or gore or whatever that is hanging off the end of the chain sword
#323992 Rating: 9 7 Jun 2010
Nice to see this classic colour combination (black/red) again Looks pretty good. I also like the dynamic pose and yep the photos could been better but it is definitely okay, I think. Better than a lot of others here, lol. Good job!
#323669 Rating: 9 3 Jun 2010
Well done my friend... love the colours.
#323667 Rating: 9 3 Jun 2010
I have to say that this is the most effectively dynamic marine I've seen. Often figures that are posed "on the move" can't quite shake off a certain static feeling, but this guy looks like he's about to run right off his wooden display base thingy there.






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