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Alice & her collapsing Wonderland
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Fantasy

by white rabbit

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Alice & her collapsing Wonderland

Alice & her collapsing Wonderland

hey folks,
long time no hear or see..
her is my newest work..i hope you like it
its a jointventure between me and a Ernst Veingart ,a mainly historical sculptor from riga in latvia,
we met at the world expo 2008 in girona..
and as we liked each others work... we decided to do a team project..
i had a idea for a biiig project...for next world expo
but first we decided to make a small project for the start ... to see if we could work together.
our small idea turned out to become a real big thing..
starting with one of my favorite topics of all time.. Alice in the wonderland..with a picture by Arthur Rackham
and it turned out to be one of the most challenging pieces off what i have painted so far.
we thought long time how to transform this drawing in to a 3d sculptur..

i dont want to sound to theatrical but.. i must really thank Ernst for having such a deep trust in me sending me his lovechild alice ... after knowing me just a couple of days. and trusting me that i will du my best to paint her up. And his lovely wife Inara for backing him of for the nearly three month he worked full time on that sculpt.
And i whant to thank my girl kristin ....because she beared my bitchyness whenn i was going crazy because of paintnig to many cards..

and thanks to Marlene Fulde for those Fotos....


here is a link to see the green but i´m sure ernst will put up pics here very soon as well:

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Viewer comments:
#342776 Rating: 10 23 Mar 2011
Very excellent work of the sculptor and artist!!! Áàðîí, Ýðíñò, òû ìîëîäåö !!))
#341281 Rating: 10 28 Feb 2011
So very nice.

#331590 Rating: 9 3 Oct 2010
I love the mood and concept of composition. IMHO the face needs a little more touches, and I am not sure if Alice's position is optimally the best? I would choose a little more dynamic one. Cheers
#331575 Rating: 10 3 Oct 2010
I also saw this at Euro, Gold I hope?
#331522 Rating: 10 2 Oct 2010
amazing to see in real life. watching those cards wobble scared me!!
#331485 Rating: 10 2 Oct 2010
I've seen it at folkestone and it was one of the most stunning piece in the fantasy category.
#331460 Rating: 10 1 Oct 2010
Wow, VERY well-done in all respects! It's also a nice change to see an Alice that's not sexualized or straight from a schizophrenic's nightmares.
#331431 Rating: 10 1 Oct 2010
superb ben...both paint and sculpt
#331420 Rating: 10 1 Oct 2010
for me it should be the best of show in the last euromilitaire. sincerelly, it is wonderful.. brilliant... i adore it. and much more interesting than anyother entry of that contest.
#331402 Rating: 10 1 Oct 2010
wow, as you know, I saw the sculpt in real and it is very complex. you've done an absolutely amazing job painting it.






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