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Rogan Rygaard, Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Fantasy

by izeColt

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Rogan Rygaard, Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch

Rogan Rygaard, Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch

Design: Mikko "Okkiw" Luoma & izeColt
Sculpt: Mikko "Okkiw" Luoma
Paint: izeColt

Here's something that me and my friend, Okkiw, have been building for the last couple of months; Rogan Rygaard, Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch.

We kept a small project blog on Finnish miniature wargaming forum If you're interested, you may browse the blog in here (sorry, in Finnish only, but includes some fancy WIP pics).

Here's the tale of Rogan Rygaard and his Blade of Thousand Eyes, wrote by Okkiw:

The Story of the Thousand Eyes

Long time ago, before the time of the human empire and its emperors. The Old World was still occupied by the elves, dwarfs and some barbaric tribes of men. Even then, the Chaos roamed on its surface, trying to get hold over it. One stormy night, a ball of fire came down from the sky, crushing wildly in to the ground.

After the incident, that night was known as "the Night of the Dark Descent" because that particular ball of fire actually transported a Mighty Champion of Tzeentch in to the surface of the Old World (the “fire ball” was actually an escape pod from a heavily damaged Despoiler Class Battleship of Chaos, which has drifted within the tides of warp in to the material universe near by the Old World).

The Chaos champion of Tzeentch was soon known as Brother Oculeus the “Descendant” and he´s reign of terror over Old World lasted almost two centuries, untill the epic destruction of him, when he was killed by the elves in the great war. Oculeus was a tall being who wielded huge arcane blade with curved end, wich he often used to decapitate he's greatest advisories in the battle!!!

The legend also tells that he had a armour, that was almost inpenetrable (power armour) and weird hand gun that could spit bullets that pierced trough the thickest of armours (bolt pistol). After he’s arrival Oculeus quickly gathered powerfull army around him. Mighty army that he sometimes referred as the “Thousand Sons” and with that army he ruled the northen regions of the Old World.

Finally, after almost two hundred years of terror the Oculeus was slain, and hes mighty army defeated, in a bitter war against the Elves from the distant island of Ulthuan. It was said that after the death, by some dark miracle, part of Oculeus’s anger transferred magically in to the great blade of he’s.

So great was the anger and the bitternes within the blade, that no one dared to wield that weapon of destruction, as if it would have formed identity by itself. So the blade was entombed with its master, deep in to the northern wastelands.

The Blade of Thousand Eyes slept for centuries seeing terrible dreams of anger and bitterness. There was a long time that every one had forgotten the tale of the Descendant, until Our “Hero” found the tomb by accident.

The Dwarf was experiencing so heavy grief that The Thousand Eyes gave him permission to wield the ancient weapon once again!!!

So was the spirit of Oculeus awoken from its dark sleep an the glory of Tzeentch could once again lifted the highest!!!

The Story of Rogan Rygaard

Long time ago, there was a mighty dwarven king, who ruled his empire in the north of the Old World. The king had a son, who was great warrior and the king loved his son greatly. At that time, Rogan Rygaard was the head of the king’s royal bodyguard. Rogan was also a mighty warrior, who had earned his reputation in countless battles. He had thick black beard and magnificently shaped moustaches, that were the true mark of the kings elite guard.

One day, king’s beloved son was patroling he mountainsite for golblins. Rogan was sent along with the royal bodyguard, to protect the first son. They left the mountain halls early in the morning and by noon they had found no sign of goblins. The retinue was feeling cheerfull and everyone lowered they guard. It was then, when Rogan tought he saw something glittering in the corner of his eye. He thought it was the glittering vein of gold beneath the cracky mountain wall (as all dwarfs have the creed towards gold) He turned his back only for a few moments to study what he had found , but he quickly realized, that his eyes had betrayed him and there was no gold to be found (most likely this was a trick by chaos god of Tzeentch) But that brief moment that Rogan was distracted, was more than enough for a single well aimed goblin arrow that fell he king’s favoured son. Rogan quickly drove the goblins off, killing many, but it was too late since the king’s first son, the prince of the dwarven realm was lying dead on he ground.

They brought the king’s son back to their kindom and told the ill news to the king. The king was crushed by the news he now heard. Very guickly, the great grief drove the king half mad. He wanted someone to pay for the death of first son! someone had to be responciple for the accident.

So it was, that it was the Rogan Rygaard, the head of the royal bodyguard, who was to bear the consequence! Banishent was the last word Rogan could remember. Before he was violently cast out from the dwarven halls. His eyes blinded, since the king decided that Rogan no longer needed suchs an treacherous sense anymore! Rogan was also stripped from the mark of the royal bodyduard, the moustaches! The moustaches were burnt away, so they could never grow back again.

So it was, that Rogan Rygaard was cast out from his dear home, humiliated and to make things even worse blinded! Long time did Rogan wander helpless in the wilderness. Sun scorched from the sky and the nights were freezing cold. Rogan tought he was to die and violent visions of bitter revenge occupied his mind. Rogan swore to himself, that if he would survive this torment, he would only live to to get he’s revenge and see the world burn! On the ninth day in the wilderness did the hounds of Chaos find our hero...

Rogan fought fiercely, keeping the bloodhungry daemons at distance, but the hounds ripped deep wounds to Rogan. Even when blinded and unarmed, the dwarf was deadly. He managed to kill several of these daemonic beasts, but they were too many and in the end Rogan realized that he could not win them, so he tried to flee from combat. He ran as fast as he could but he was already exhausted from the battle and lungs were burning and about to burst, then he suddenly stumbled on a large boulder of rocks. Rogan started to climb up the boulder but the hounds followed him easily. Soon the predators were in the distance to catch their prey. Hounds made their final leap to catch Rogan but in that moment, the dwarf seemed to dissapear suddenly!

Rogan fell in to the darkness beneath him and finally landed inside, what seemed to be some sort of secret cave inside the rock. Feeling dissorientated at first, Rogan finally understood, that he had landed into a tomb of some ancient warrior. It was then when he first heard the call of the Eyes.

The Eyes promised retaliation and vengeage and Rogan accepted the deal in he’s blind rage. He crabbed the ancient blade to and it instantly gave Rogan his sight back! Tough it was not normal eyesight, it was daemonic one, for Rogan could only see the world of hatred and bitternes trough the new eyes! From that day on Rogan Rygaard was no longer Captain of the bodyguard or a Dwarf Clansman but a Renegade of Chaos, the champion the Chaos god Tzeentch!!!

For more than five hundred years, Rogan has roamed in the Old World causing destruction and death where ever he goes. Ocassionaly Rogan will lead small force of Chaos renegades to battle and pillage. To creatures of chaos he is known as “K’hss Dwrnaksh’o”- the pilgrim of death. To orc raiders of the north he is “Da Stunty Dethspitta” and for the race of men he is called The “Daemon Dwarf” or “Arsonist of Izborag” referring to his obsessive urge to see everything burn and also to the famous siege of Izborag in the northern Kislev, where the Dwarf first conquered the city and then burned it to cinder along with its citizens.

During the long years Rogan has wielded the Blade of Thousand Eyes. The Blade has corrupted the dwarf slowly, turning him more and more towards the daemonhood. Corrupted by the Blade and its twisted visions,The dwarf is almost completely mad. He now roams trough the Old World, fighting against the enemies of Chaos as a Champion of Tzeentch!

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Viewer comments:
#377123 Rating: 9 3 Sep 2012
I like this dwarf, very compkliment's.
#347549 Rating: 10 16 Jun 2011
Completly ass-kicking sculpt and painting! Rock on! Keep on happy painting! Best Wishes Roman
#343795 Rating: 10 8 Apr 2011
Really nice job on the sculpting and painting.
#342786 Rating: 10 23 Mar 2011
Great atmosphere and painting level made this to piece of art...
#338014 Rating: 10 10 Jan 2011
I love the skin of this model!
#333110 25 Oct 2010
Cheers to you all for your praising comments, they are much appreciated!
#333092 Rating: 10 24 Oct 2010
Fantastic job! It really has got a great mood!

#333072 Rating: 10 24 Oct 2010
Ambiance fabuleuse et réalisation parfaite !
#333056 Rating: 10 24 Oct 2010
BRUTAL!!!Realm of caos the best part of the mini for me is the arm and the sword!!!1!the environmet smells old times
#333052 Rating: 10 24 Oct 2010
amazing i really love this character






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