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Alien contact
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Nakatan

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Alien contact

Alien contact

Well, this is aggressive contact indeed. Outcomes are unpredictable...
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#455457 Rating: 6 18 Mar 2017
Everyone is missing a key detail on why she will not get raped. There is an exposed blade in the mud she is looking at. This is why the artist says the outcome is unkown. She is going to grab the blade and fight her way out.
#446031 Rating: 6 29 Jan 2016
Incredibly well done. Thanks for your explanation about breastplate and the spirit stone. It all make sense indeed.
#442269 Rating: 10 19 Sep 2015
I know it's wrong, but I can't help but feel there's a meme to be made from this XD
#426619 Rating: 6 6 Sep 2014
Well executed but offensive. If the rape was depicted as horrific then it would be justified but it is just a way to show off female breasts...
#426012 Rating: 10 27 Aug 2014
Dawww... poor poor commenters who had some actual realism leak into their fairytale-rainbow-candy-unicorn-view of the world. Excellent thought invoking diorama, technical execution is somewhat perfect.
#392940 Rating: 10 20 Mar 2013
What will they do, besides making her strip?
#391449 Rating: 10 27 Feb 2013
A real hard situation!!!
#380858 Rating: 10 22 Oct 2012
I ran across this work on Google about a year ago and thought it was incredible. I just found it again here on CMON and adding to my favorites. The most inspirational 40K miniature I have seen to date.
#377943 Rating: 10 16 Sep 2012
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: "I see what you did there!"
#374736 Rating: 10 2 Aug 2012
Obviously this is some amazing execution. I'd just like to point out to cheesey5 and anyone else who might have missed it (no offense), but the eldar's severed breastplate is actually fluff-wise a fairly central detail to really appreciate the tension. To eldar humans are quite accurately what monkeys are to humans, and death - an option hinted by the lasgun pointed at her - might well be a preferable option... if only her spirit stone wasn't on that breastplate. So the choice presented to her is: raped by a bunch of monkeys or sent to Slaanesh? Psychologically this is a disturbing, yet very well thought out horror scene.






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