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Alien contact (details)
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Nakatan

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Alien contact (details)

Alien contact (details)

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Viewer comments:
#424364 Rating: 10 26 Jul 2014
Wow! Disturbing and amazing. You have to hope a commissar turns up and summarily executes all 5 of them, then the Eldar too.
#415094 Rating: 10 27 Mar 2014
Awsome. Great paintjob, realistic feeling, sci-fi setting. What makes it a solid 10, rather than a 9.5, is how this speaks in a way dioramas has never done before. Great, great job!
#409490 Rating: 10 10 Dec 2013
Truly the grim darkness of the future!
#385449 Rating: 9 18 Dec 2012
Now! it is time to make the ending, wher ewe see her putting back the breast plate, and the guardsmen lieing dead on the ground.
#380805 Rating: 10 22 Oct 2012
this has nothing to do with playing a game of 40k hahahaha. love it
#377047 Rating: 10 1 Sep 2012
Nobody's bleeding, nobody's dripping with ooze, nobody's decaying, and yet this is absolutely the most disturbing, thought-provoking, arresting diorama I've ever seen. Congratulations. I'm in awe.
#375592 Rating: 10 13 Aug 2012
Truly breathtaking in a horrible and honest way one of the most truthful and thought provoking scenes of war i have ever laid eyes upon well done!
#374990 Rating: 6 6 Aug 2012
I really like this diorama! Finally nothing about acts of heroism but a very real issue in wars and in first contacts. I really like the conversions made in it. i keep on finding new stuff every time i look at it
#373202 Rating: 10 8 Jul 2012
Wow I found this Diorama today and i have to say its so brilliant!!! I think it does really NOT glorify raping, like some other say. Its the opposite of that! I like the idea to show another side of war, even in wargams.
#365245 Rating: 10 16 Mar 2012
This diorama doesnt make war look heroic, so I dont like it. Dioramas about war should always at any time point out the good things, like valour, heroism, sacrifice, you know so that kids can think war is cool. I think the fact that this diorama made so many butts hurt, shows that its a success.






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