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Son of Russ - Brother Freyron
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by jarhead


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Son of Russ - Brother Freyron

Son of Russ - Brother Freyron

This world shall not fall into the hands of the Xenos.
This world will stay in the hands of mankind at all cost.
This world is protected by the Sons of Russ, Wolves of Fenris.
This world will be their hunting ground or grave as fate decides.
The Emperor protects and the Spirit of the great Wolve will guide the path.

Hope you like him. Done from the Space Wolve Parts, except the head which is from a WHF Chaos Barbarian.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

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Viewer comments:
#456955 Rating: 10 29 Jun 2017
That is just perfection. I sooo much love the greenisher blue-grey for the main armour.
#350325 Rating: 10 9 Aug 2011
I LOVE Space Wolves, and I think this shows the spirit of the Wolf perfectly.
#350319 Rating: 10 9 Aug 2011
That is just awesome!
#341251 Rating: 10 27 Feb 2011
Nice fig.
#340921 23 Feb 2011
Muchas Gracias for all your comments! @MisterFisk: the weathering has been done with a blister sponge and some chaos black + schorched brown, i have to admit that this time i really managed to get small damaged places with this technique - that doesn't happen very often, haha...
#340653 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2011
This is a real space wolf marine. Your painting style and terrain works are always impressive. Good work!
#340284 Rating: 10 13 Feb 2011
Very Nice ! Thanks and rock on !
#340264 Rating: 10 13 Feb 2011
Awesome Work! The Head is great from the skin to the blond of the beard! Did you do the weathering with hairspray and salt?
#340261 Rating: 9 13 Feb 2011
Great face, simply love your paintjob...
#340207 Rating: 10 12 Feb 2011
Very good!






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