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RENEGADE - my Mad Max Dream Car
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by jarhead


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RENEGADE - my Mad Max Dream Car

RENEGADE - my Mad Max Dream Car


I hope everyone remembers the MAD MAX CAR COMPETITION Massive Voodoo is running for you at the moment. If not here is the reminder - this model here will be the first prize in the competition beside other cool prizes

It's been a while since the plan of this contest appeared in my little brain - don't you worry, there is still plenty of time even there are already the first entries dropping in like the long missed rain, who lost all ambitions to give water to the desert waste earth. I can tell you it is a hard life out there in the post-apocalyptic deserts and i finally finished the RENEGADE, my dream car of this dark future, with whom i want to drive to the smaller colonys for playing dice with the town folk to earn some coin and carottes. The Renegade is my best friend since the big explosions that did thrill the planet several centuries ago. Time - no one really knows about it, all hurry and hectic has been lost in the moment where the bombs did fall and the clocks stopped ticking. Even there have been many great achievements of humanity being lost in the aftermath and the dark days of looting and uncivilized behavior - in the end somehow this world is still beautiful. It took hundreds of tons of nuclear explosives to make people realize what life is really about. Sure there are still those with a slow brain, i mean those who want to rob others or do them harm, but there are not many and in every heart slumbers a hero who can help his fellow people if they are in danger. I can remember good old Lei, who completly drove back a bunch of Outlaws on his own, only with these Kong Fu skills he found in a book. Books are rare now and the wisdom within is worth more than one lifetime of searching. The people have learned to make cars drive not from gas, they use urine instead and so mostly everyone exhibits a car, or something that is build from million parts won in dice games and build together to something that can drive with urine. At least there is enough to drink around so we all have enough urine. The Renegade and I really have many stories to tell, but at this point this story is over and here is the RENEGADE - the first prize to be won in the MAD MAX CAR COMPETION, for the greatest car coming up from your imagination and execution - i hope you like him!

For bigger photos check this link:

For Work in Progress photos you can check the contest rules as there are plenty of Work in Progress shots of the RENEGADE included:

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

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Viewer comments:
#341452 Rating: 10 2 Mar 2011
whoa I'd love to ride this car... in a post-apocalyptic wasteland... mad max rules!
#341378 Rating: 9 1 Mar 2011
#341115 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2011
The surf board blow me away! Fantastic work.
#341012 Rating: 10 24 Feb 2011
very characterful, great idea for a competition too.
#340949 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2011
Very nice job! Looks mighty old and weathered indeed. Hurrah!
#340920 23 Feb 2011
Many, many thanks - really glad that you like this kind of personal piece that much... there will be an article about chipped paint and this special crackle medium we use soon on MV - make sure you be there to read it as the jungle is busy day by day...
#340906 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2011
the work is totally fantastic and the final result is very realistic!
#340905 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2011
love that crackle effect (crackle medium?)awesome!!!
#340889 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2011
ich steh auf deine arbeiten, hab ich das schon mal gesagt! lg, edgar
#340823 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2011
Brrrrruuuuunnnn 10 point






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