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The old glory
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by Picster


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The old glory

The old glory


finished this fun project.... weathering of a pretty small car
hope you like it!

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#341048 Rating: 10 24 Feb 2011
Great Work mate I like the tree a lot and for sure the hardcore-wheatering
#341034 Rating: 9 24 Feb 2011
very atmospheric diorama
#341026 Rating: 9 24 Feb 2011
Deutsche Wertarbeit Wie hast du den Baum gemacht?
#341014 24 Feb 2011
Thanks for the nice feedback! The choice of color for the car wasn't the best.... but it was a pretty spontaneous project... the tree was made from some root part. i put some white glue on the ends and added some woodland scenics turf
#340979 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2011
Beautiful! Usually against 'creative photography' on minis but that first photo is super nice. The other photos show the high realism in this project. Well done.
#340959 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2011
A lovely piece and it is so damn small... very cool! Good to see you back on track, now clap your hands, shake your brushes and make thunder!! Keep on happy painting! Best Regards Romi
#340957 Rating: 9 23 Feb 2011
Nice !!
#340948 Rating: 9 23 Feb 2011
That's pretty awesome! I especially love the bit of blue on the rear, it's only a bit odd that it's the only place that paint shows up. And I'm not sure but, the original layer of 'paint' was a yellow, it's not entirely clear, not right away, since it's easily mistaken as dust in some places since the ground is also yellowish. Lovely tree as well, what's it made from?
#340943 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2011
Very Fun






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