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Airbrushed Grey Knight, with OSL, Ice and Snow - Article Tutorial linked too
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by MajorTom11


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Airbrushed Grey Knight, with OSL, Ice and Snow - Article Tutorial linked too

Airbrushed Grey Knight, with OSL, Ice and Snow - Article Tutorial linked too

Hey Guys,

Comments welcome on both the mini and tutorial!

Tutorial article linked here

I did this piece as a request to btemple0, who kindly provided the mini for this (and a few other bits for my BA )

It was also a testbed for several things I have never done before:

Airbrushing in general
Zenithal Highlighting
Airbrush Power Weapon Effects
Bark basing
Airbrushed OSL

Now obviously I photshopped him out of the backgrounds to put him on the smokey one, other than that and typical levels fixes etc, he is untouched but for one thing... I missed a mold line on the inner right forearm, I photoshopped it out lol.

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#351659 Rating: 9 30 Aug 2011
I bought an airbrush kit because of this model and the article on dakkadakka. For the time you put into this the work is beyond amazing. I have since painted up a squad of grey knights with zenithial airbrushing and I'm planning to add OSL once I get better with the airbrush -- you make this look easy. I give it a solid 8 on painting alone but a 9 because of how little time it took you to get there. I want to give a 10 because of how helpful the article is but that's not the point of this voting system imo. E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T work. Keep it up.
#347721 Rating: 9 20 Jun 2011
I don't normally even stop to look at 40k models but the fact that someone gave a 1 for airbrushing made me stop to look. Top notch work, love the blade on the weapon!!
#344465 17 Apr 2011
@roninjr - Absolutely correct. I have yet to take a pic that is just right in my career though, always a little too dark, light or washed out. I have also had little luck with muslin backgrounds lol. This is why I clip them out to put on new backgrounds, not so much to do extra work, but to just make it so crappy backgrounds don't ruin the impression lol! Other than that, it looks precisely as it does IRL, you can see this in the linked WIP shots. I really, really need to get myself sorted out for pics though, I have been trying all kinds of tutorials etc to get good quality, yet none of it works very well as of yet
#344397 Rating: 9 16 Apr 2011
Fantastic, atmospheric piece of work... Force weapon particularly smooth.
#344369 Rating: 8 15 Apr 2011
This is good work, a very solid 8. The Air brush is just a tool like so many others. It's how the painter uses it that matters. I like the OSL, and the base, especially the snow & icicles. There's a lot of character that is added to this mini with the base. Well done. I would however caution you with regard to "Photoshoping". The mini should stand on it's own merits. If there's a need for "Photoshop" then there's a need to paint better. That's my two cents but there's "No Way" this is a 1. That's just stupid. Someone needs to grow up.
#344312 Rating: 9 15 Apr 2011
8 for the paint job (I approve of the airbrush, btw.) 9 for doing the tutorial. I know its very time consuming to write and photograph a tutorial, so thank you for making the effort. Its a nice clear tutorial, too.
#344285 Rating: 10 14 Apr 2011
This is why some people shoudn't have the right to vote on CMoN. He is brave enough to vote 1 and post a coment but not brave enough to show us his own work... I think your mini came out pretty good. (not 10 but I give it to balance the other guy).
#344283 Rating: 8 14 Apr 2011
AlAl the Tyrant: Rating 1? Seriously? Are you a troll? Do you have some images for me to rate 1? Please learn to paint, so in the future you can avoid handing out silly and inappropriate ratings.
#344277 Rating: 9 14 Apr 2011
That is probably the most useless comment I've ever seen. Even the "Great job dude!"s are better... What are you talking about? There are a few places where the OSL washes out things but overall it's very well done.
#344271 Rating: 9 14 Apr 2011
Fantastic looking miniature - in fact, it is stuff like this that makes me WANT to airbrush! Well done!






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