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Autumn Bronzeleaf, Female Elf Wizard
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Minicreatures

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Autumn Bronzeleaf, Female Elf Wizard

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#402201 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2013
Wow, really nice work!
#345695 8 May 2011
Thanks very much! The archway is indeed constructed from a hoop earring I had, and the pillars are two brush casings (come with paintbrush to keep bristles in line). I used greenstuff and glue to assemble, and the vines around the pillars are also greenstuff.
#345669 Rating: 9 8 May 2011
This is such a lovely piece! The colour choices are exceptional good and suits the mini and the base very well!!! The whole piece really is a fantastic exe catcher!! It would be a 10 for me but only the blendings on the clothes on the backside could be more smoother like Vhaidra said. The skin is very good!!!. The doorway is fantastic, was it original a piece of juwelry? Is suits the miniature so well, il ove ist!!
#345516 5 May 2011
Thank you very much! I appreciate the advice, and will keep trying to blend smoother
#345463 Rating: 9 4 May 2011
I really LOVE the colourscheme. Wow this is magic. I checked out some of your other minis too and would love to give you a little advise: Try to smooth out the blendings a bit more with filters of very thinned paint. Because everything looks fine: Colour scheme, painting is clean, depth is well but the only thing which could be improved is the smoothness of some of your transitions. Work at this point a little bit and your minis will be rated very, very well ;-) Good job!!






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