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Eldar fire dragon
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Kretcher


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Eldar fire dragon

Eldar fire dragon

I will put up some of my earlier models so people might be able to se the progress when i put up new pictures. This was painted after some months on Coolminioront and my first minature that i put more time on painting, i was happy at that time with the result. Had problems to get the gems to look good, and with this picture the phone kind of shows them better then they are in reality.

Have recived comment about the shining of the figure, that is due to hardcoat with both satin and clear finish. this since it is used for playing and i didnt want to repaint all the time, therfore the light reflexs in some areas. Just a clarification.

The picture quality is not that good, taken with my phone, but should be enough to se the result. No time laid on background or anyting.

Thanxs for the votes

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#365496 Rating: 7 19 Mar 2012
Looks good though the photo is a not in focus. As said the blending on the red armor looks nice. There are a couple spots where there could be a bit more definition between the plates like between the wrist and hand. I like the eyes, you did a good job of making him look like he is staring at what he is pointing at. As far as the finish you might try two layers of dull coat over gloss coat if it is a gaming mini. I have even had pretty good luck with just dull coat. That will really help stuff like the gems and eyes in a photo, that way you will only see the reflection you painted on.
#364732 Rating: 7 10 Mar 2012
Some nice blending on the red / oranges. With the gems go real dark on one side of the gem to near black and put small dots of white on for a greater effect.






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