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Chaos Terminator Retinue
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Bohun

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Chaos Terminator Retinue

Chaos Terminator Retinue

Hello There!

Here comes another of my recent commission jobs. This time a 'squad' of 5 chaos terminators,
each one from a different legion, each one converted to make him look completely unique and

I hope you like the final effect!

Comments are very appreciated!

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Viewer comments:
#458792 Rating: 10 8 Nov 2017
Amazing conversions and great bases! Fantastic!
#349577 Rating: 10 25 Jul 2011
You have some serious style!
#349457 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2011
those are really good looking termies, especially iron warrior one.
#349218 Rating: 10 18 Jul 2011
These are fantastic in every way. I especially love the little beetles crawling around the bases. Are they from something, or did you make them yourself?
#349109 Rating: 10 16 Jul 2011
Great painting, great conversions. Personal fave is the Khorne termi. Thanks for sharing!
#348977 Rating: 10 14 Jul 2011
ALL of these are totally awesome. I love the noise marine terminator. It would be awesome to see them in IRL!
#348918 Rating: 10 13 Jul 2011
Those are amazing!!! My favourite is definitely the Iron Warrior - incredible metallics and awesome conversion work! You're my new hero
#348836 12 Jul 2011
Thx alot for your kind words I think I have to explain about the lack of a Tzeentch terminator. I've been commissioned to do 5 chaos terminators from different chapters, so I had to chose along with the customer which one to do. Because I've been doing some Thousand Sons models just a while ago, we've decided to skip the Tzeentch and do some other instead. However I might still create one in the future and in that case I will upload the six of them in one picture
#348832 Rating: 10 12 Jul 2011
Great Work!!! Congratulations
#348808 Rating: 10 11 Jul 2011
Haha, yeah, where is the Tzeentch one?!






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