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Chaos Demon Prince of Tzeentch - based on Be'Lakor
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Ana

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Chaos Demon Prince of Tzeentch - based on Be'Lakor

Chaos Demon Prince of Tzeentch - based on Be'Lakor

Hi all,

This was a commissioned job again - another model for the same Tzeentch army and still more are to follow.

I kept blue as the main color and focused on the concept of Tzeentch as the lord of change, so the model is slightly converted and painted to represent the ever-changing nature of Tzeentch.
One leg is changing into crystal, as he's standing in crystals, one arm is covered with more humanoid skin, and many elements are either glowing, changing into covered with scales, or piercing his skin with crystal spikes.

I posted a tutorial about painting the crystals for the base on my Painting Mum blog.

Bigger and better pictures are available as always in my gallery at

I accept commissions.
If you are interested in having me paint something for you, contact me at:

All comments are welcome.
I hope you like my works!

-- Aña

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Viewer comments:
#422412 Rating: 10 25 Jun 2014
#410321 Rating: 6 26 Dec 2013
Jeeeeeesus Christ bananas on a wing'd moped! That's just unREAL man. I love it!
#363209 Rating: 6 19 Feb 2012
I think that this is one of your best works
#361661 Rating: 9 28 Jan 2012
Simply Amazing.
#360768 Rating: 9 16 Jan 2012
I would have like the background to be less overwhelming so I could have gotten a better look at the mini.
#360767 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2012
great effects!!
#360741 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2012
Fantastic. The crystal effect is peerless. Kudos.
#360738 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2012
I love those scales. A masterpiece. Several elements and textures into one single piece and it doesn't look gimmicky.
#349986 Rating: 10 1 Aug 2011
A wonderfull paintjob. I Love it.
#349873 Rating: 10 29 Jul 2011
a beautiful color scheme to such an interesting model you should be very very proud of this. really well done






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