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Limited Edition Champion of Tzeentch (converted to icon bearer)
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Ana

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Limited Edition Champion of Tzeentch (converted to icon bearer)

Limited Edition Champion of Tzeentch (converted to icon bearer)

Hi all,

This was another commissioned job - another model for the same Tzeentch army and more are to follow. As I already painted this model once, I was happy to paint it in a totally different way.

This time the model was supposed to be converted to an Icon Bearer, and I did some other minor modifications of the model.

I enjoyed painting it and kept the same idea to use blue, which is typical for Tzeentch models. Although there may be quite a few colors used on the miniature, I tried to keep them all in a similar palette, so they are all related in some way to the general color scheme.

The general theme is all about change and chaos.

I posted a tutorial about painting the crystals for the base on my Painting Mum blog, and another tutorial about painting his clothes as well. Part 2 of the tutorial about clothes is there, too.

Stay tuned for more, I will be posting it to Chest of Colors - our miniature painting website or my blog. There are also more miniature painting tutorials there. Enjoy

Bigger and better pictures are available as always in my gallery at

I accept commissions.

If you are interested in having me paint something for you, contact me at our contact page

All comments are welcome.

I hope you like my works!

-- Ana

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Viewer comments:
#422536 Rating: 10 27 Jun 2014
Absolutely Breathtaking! The crystallization pattern on the standard is fuhmayzing!!!
#413158 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2014
I never thought I'd ever see the perfect painting style until I spotted this figure just from the tiny thumbnail. The saturation is insane. I could look at this figure all day. Can't wait to browse your others. You are a true master. "It belongs in a Museum..!!" -Indiana Jones.
#408957 Rating: 10 1 Dec 2013
Love your work.
#407070 Rating: 10 4 Nov 2013
love it
#405994 Rating: 6 19 Oct 2013
Excellently done
#403520 Rating: 10 4 Sep 2013
Gorgeous, inspiring, stunning. I wish, I wish I wish I could paint like that. You've got a real gift.
#397493 Rating: 9 23 May 2013
Wonderful blending on this piece!
#395710 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2013
Just stumbled over this one. Really amazing, the mini as a whole as well as your freehand. Wished I'd had only half of your skills. Great work
#392400 Rating: 10 12 Mar 2013
Amazing job on this piece!
#385957 Rating: 10 25 Dec 2012
As usual, your freehand is amazing






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