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Forgefather Vulcan ~ Imperial Fists Version
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Home Of CadaveR


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Forgefather Vulcan ~ Imperial Fists Version

Forgefather Vulcan ~ Imperial Fists Version

Hello once again!

I wanted to play with a Vulcan list with my Imperial Fists just for a change, but I had a problem with the model I could use. Obviously the original model was not an option since it is a Salamanders model.

Forgeworld provided me with the solution. I used as a base the magnificent model of Lugft Hyron with a few bits from MaxMini and some photo etched parts from Forgeworld again to give him some character. You can see some WIP pics on my blog before painting

I am really happy with the way this model turned out! I would really like to hear your comments and remarks!

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#355456 5 Nov 2011
Thank you for your comments! Its true that the armor joints could be a different color, maybe I could try it!
#355434 Rating: 9 5 Nov 2011
Excellent work, I love the way you have captured the Imperial Fists essence in such an easily recognizable Vulkan figure!
#355433 Rating: 7 5 Nov 2011
I like this mini but feel it would benefit from a little more attention to some of the details. Something as simple as codex grey on the armour joins with a black wash would define the yellow a bit more.
#355112 30 Oct 2011
Red is my nightmare in photography! I never get it right... it is better in real life. Glad you liked him
#355079 Rating: 9 29 Oct 2011
I think it could use some more contrast, the red looks wird to me.great job tho!






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