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Princess Leia Organa
Manufacturer: Grenadier
Category: SF

by No Such Agency


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Princess Leia Organa

Princess Leia Organa

"Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?" - An older mini from Grenadier's Star Wars line. It's a pretty good sculpt even if it doesn't look particularly like Carrie Fisher - it captures Leia's defiant attitude quite nicely. Floors in the Death Star (the only place in "Star Wars" where she dressed like this AND carried a 'trooper blaster) were pretty plain so this base pattern is derived from some wall panels; the white areas are supposed to be lights. Her brother Luke is image #3413.

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#155068 Rating: 9 2 Nov 2005
Excellent work with, as everyone's observed, a lousy piece. I agonized over the old WEG Star Wars line, particularly the sculpts of Leia (which always looked a bit more like Harrison Ford than Carrie Fisher), and this is probably the best result I've ever seen. Well Done!
#109643 Rating: 9 9 Nov 2004
I have to give you the 9 for this.....these minis absolutely have done wonders with what you have to work with. This is about as good as it could get....I have some of these and they are terribly done. Being a Star Wars fan , I would love to see reaper do a line of them....WELL DONE!
#92435 Rating: 8 5 Jul 2004
HELLO! I'm Brian Blessed! These Star Wars Minis are poxy, but you done a damn fine job on this - it looks class!
#78622 Rating: 8 22 Mar 2004
Those old Star Wars minis are really hard to paint. Nice job! I really like the base. What did you use?
#63772 Rating: 8 5 Dec 2003
wow~~This is great Princess Leia Organa mini...the white color of her clothes is just great!!
#49161 Rating: 8 13 Aug 2003
I am not sure how anyone could have had impure thoughts about Leia. Personally I would have preferred the Wookie. Really nice job on what Temperance has already described as a crap sculpt.
#48977 Rating: 8 12 Aug 2003
I have this figure and it's crap. You've done a damn good job painting it! I am really impressed!
#48612 Rating: 8 9 Aug 2003
Great job! I think this is a cool mini. Now, before Luke learned she was his sister did he have impure thoughts? LOL






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