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Arjac Rockfist, The Anvil of Fenris
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by razza

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Arjac Rockfist, The Anvil of Fenris

Arjac Rockfist, The Anvil of Fenris

Hi all,
Here is my latest miniature, this is my own vision of Arjac Rockfist the Space Wolves character from the current codex.
I constructed this miniature early this year using many different marine components, plasticard and green stuff. I added extra height to the feet, bulked out the legs and torso and added bulk to the shoulders. The main aim was to make him much bigger than a regular Terminator as he is described in the codex.
After a long break I decided to finish painting him over the last few months, it did seem to take a very long time to get the miniature completed, I'm not sure if this was down to its size or that fact that I'm not painting full time now, either way it was a fun project but I'm happy that it is finished and I'm pleased with the finished result.
Any comments welcome as always!
Cheers, Darren.

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Viewer comments:
#420041 Rating: 10 21 May 2014
Stunning work!
#411543 Rating: 10 19 Jan 2014
Needed some SW inspiration before I pick up a brush, still my favourite SW mini. Cracking work!
#407348 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2013
I love everything about this!
#403961 Rating: 10 12 Sep 2013
Really incredible work! Possibly one of the nicest Space Wolves conversions and paint jobs ever.
#371276 Rating: 10 7 Jun 2012
Damn that's lovely.
#369922 Rating: 10 19 May 2012
you sir are a madman.... totally flawless mad ass skills
#369888 Rating: 9 19 May 2012
That dude is just full of character. Well done!
#369885 Rating: 10 19 May 2012
so crisp
#369882 Rating: 10 19 May 2012
I've never rated anything a 10. This guy is flawless.
#359149 Rating: 10 30 Dec 2011
Spectacular I leka a lot aaaaaall the details you have put on this mini!!!






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