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Manufacturer: Black Scorpion
Category: Modern

by jarhead

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MAESTRO - overview

MAESTRO - overview

I have finished a little mad project lately.

Mad because there is so much in it I can't explain in words. So much meaning to me. So much impressions and memory and thanks. So much friendship. I'll try to explain myself here, where you can also find bigger photos and a video of the project:

You can find the detail photos here:
The Project was done in about 9 days, where 3 days were used for planning, 3 days for basing and 3 days for painting. I can't remember such a mad timed project on my own so far but I have enjoyed it a lot, with reasons - those you find in the jungle if interested. At this point I want to thank Raffa for helping me with the photos and the video.

"A well-spent day brings happy sleep."
Leonardo da Vinci

"As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death."
Leonardo da Vinci

Hope you like it!
Let me know what you think, dislike, like, etc.
Keep on happy painting!

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Viewer comments:
#440512 Rating: 10 29 Jul 2015
During the last years you have pampered us with countless breathtaking projects, but for me personally this one is by far the most beautiful one! Everytime when I look at this masterpiece I can still find new details or small refinements. The atmosphere of this diorama is just stunning!
#404574 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2013
Ï Love it . Only the Idea to build and paint up these , Hat off!
#376190 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2012
A wonderfully imaginative piece of art!!
#370894 Rating: 10 2 Jun 2012
I have nothing to say that people haven't already said, but that doesn't mean I can't say it's fantastic. Well done - you're one of the few who elevate this hobby of ours into something the average person can recognise as real art.
#370887 Rating: 10 2 Jun 2012
Lovely! Great piece of art!
#370884 Rating: 9 2 Jun 2012
J'ai eu du mal à comprendre ce diorama au début. Et puis, plus je le regarde, plus je le trouve absolument génial !!!
#358333 Rating: 10 16 Dec 2011
It i a great allegory to our hobby!
#358270 Rating: 10 15 Dec 2011
I like much this work and in particular all the details. my preferred is the sleeping cat !
#358140 Rating: 10 14 Dec 2011
yessss!!!! you do a great thing Roman!
#358127 Rating: 10 14 Dec 2011
i cant find the proper word 4 this one...this is art.. welldone.






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