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Arbeit macht frei-For remember
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Historical

by Mauganra

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Arbeit macht frei-For remember

Arbeit macht frei-For remember

Sculpture of Alessandro Bruni in 60mm scale and painted by me.
You can find the WIP of the sculpture here: .
Wip of Painting and other photos here: .

Collector :S.Renato

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Viewer comments:
#403095 Rating: 10 29 Aug 2013
hard theme... but excellent work.
#379800 Rating: 10 10 Oct 2012
It was my pleasure to see this in real and even hold it in my hands! A true masterpiece of Art! Sorry to not find time to post more on your work, time is so limited and I am saving away those figures I want to comment! Once in a while I find the time to post my thoughts and honour your work! Keep on happy painting! Best Wishes, Roman
#372752 Rating: 10 30 Jun 2012
Looking at the sculpt unpainted, it's a "good sculpt", not anything highly notable, but the painting has brought this piece to life. The realisim of the shading and the color usage as well as the detail added to what the sculpt appears to lack is absolutely astonishing. It's pieces like this one that make me realize that a model doesn't always need to be top notch with details so long as the painter can fill in the blanks. Wonderful!
#372727 Rating: 10 29 Jun 2012
Incredible. Never thought i'd shiver looking at a miniature.
#372719 Rating: 10 29 Jun 2012
a picture of you, is worth a thousand words.....!
#361779 Rating: 10 30 Jan 2012
10! Keep on happy painting! Namaste, Roman

#361342 Rating: 9 24 Jan 2012
Great work!
#361098 Rating: 10 21 Jan 2012
Beautiful work. Masterfully crafted in every respect. Every now and again, we need to put down our toy soldiers and remember war is not a game.
#360884 Rating: 10 17 Jan 2012
Awesome work!
#360795 16 Jan 2012
I realize that is a piece of strong emotional impact. Remember bad things, there have been those who have suffered and those who have caused. Bringing great suffering to all. Now I will not go into in the Political because this is not the Place. Here we Look, the Idea, the Execution, the Pictorial Interpretation. What needs to convey Emotions that are not Always of Joy or Laughter. I used capital letters to emphasize. All the rest I leave to your minds. Thanks to all for your comments and your support! Best Regards Mirko






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