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Treasure Guardian - details
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by jarhead


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Treasure Guardian - details

Treasure Guardian - details


Some have asked for close ups on the diorama, hope these shots show more detail - you can find the overview here:

This is a comissioned Diorama that started with the Flesh Golem. At my painting class in Berlin last year I was asked by a participant if I want to paint that beast on comission and we had some talks about the story beside as he wishes for a little diorama.

I really liked the idea of a treasure Guardian that protects his masters gold with his lifeless magical body made out of Zombieflesh from little nasty robbers.

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Viewer comments:
#373796 Rating: 10 17 Jul 2012
You did a great job on a very difficult & messy sculpture! Like SkelettetS i'm still searching the head... Congrats & take care
#367132 Rating: 10 9 Apr 2012
¡¡¡!!! Have no words
#362142 Rating: 10 2 Feb 2012
Excelent work !!!!!
#361918 Rating: 10 31 Jan 2012
Great stuff! COC and composition are hillarious. I love your work!
#361917 Rating: 10 31 Jan 2012
i love those hornes,they looks great!
#361888 Rating: 10 30 Jan 2012
That skin..all the different hues and colours.. Brilliant. ijee.Dave
#361706 Rating: 10 29 Jan 2012
Excelent work, 10/10
#361117 Rating: 10 21 Jan 2012
Fabulous work. I realy enjoy how i discover new thing every time I look at it.
#361082 Rating: 10 20 Jan 2012
total awesomness, thats a badass golem for sure. still trying to locate the head though
#360988 Rating: 10 19 Jan 2012
The play of colors on the skin of the Golem is absolutely masterful. I love the little megalomaniac, green guys.






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