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Winged Carnosaur on sculpted base with lava effects
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Fantasy

by Wappellious

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Winged Carnosaur on sculpted base with lava effects

Winged Carnosaur on sculpted base with lava effects

This figure won a Rogue Demon at Adepticon 2009 in the Monster category. It was also a part of my 2012 Armies on Parade entry, which won the North American Trophy!

In fact, my lizardman army is featured in a two page spread in the February White Dwarf! Much to my amazement, in fact You can see him off the the right hand side of the army board. Gee, if gives me a good idea of just how large I made that Temple of Blood!

There was a great deal of conversion on this piece, aside from just the wings. In fact, I think the headdress took longer to create. It uses actual lizard glyphs. When I entered it at a Golden Demon years ago, they never even noticed the lighting effects from the lava... hence the upside down photo!

That was back when Saurus could have spawnings. I wanted to have the "Immune to Psyche" saurus be black with lava effects. Hard to scare someone who is already standing on lava. ;-)

I have spent days gathering photos and taking new images for the paintnig blog, which will kick off with the blood bowl team and the Lizards. Yes, I promise to make announcements and include links!

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#397250 Rating: 10 19 May 2013
#376326 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2012
#374667 Rating: 10 1 Aug 2012
Merveilleux,splendide,fantastique,grandiose et je peux tenir encore dix lignes comme ça sans me répéter !
#362492 Rating: 10 8 Feb 2012
So this is what Wappellious has been doing all the time :o
#362295 Rating: 10 4 Feb 2012
Just amazing.
#362286 Rating: 10 4 Feb 2012
Masterfully done! Top work.
#362271 Rating: 10 4 Feb 2012
Wow! Wow! Wow! That's pretty much all I can think of when viewing this amazing work of art! I've always liked the carnosaur mini, and (along with quite a number before me) have thought it would make an excellent dragon with the addition of wings. Your conversion work is seamless, and the paint job is simply amazing. Very, very good work! Thanks for sharing it with us all...






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