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Who's the chosen one_BLOOD ANGEL
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Fantasy

by MindFishers

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Who's the chosen one_BLOOD ANGEL

Who's the chosen one_BLOOD ANGEL

"who is the chosen one" - display GOLD- master open world expo Switzerland

Scratchbuilt model made by Mind Fishers (Banshee and Dieguette)

75 mm scale (120 mm size each character)


since we started in miniature world we always desired to see a big space marine. realistic and crude as we use to see in the gw artwork like kopinsky's illustrations.. so we decided to join our capabilities to create a huge version of a space marine where we can show a lot of details, and a more grimy and realistic feeling as the scale deserves.

MINDFISHERS is an artstudio which create special artworks for exclusive collectors. if you like our works and you want to have it in your cabin, please feel free to contact us

this diorama is on sale, but if you want also your own space marine we can make a new original scratch specially designed for you.

ON SALE........................

more pictures of the diorama- chaos warrior here:

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Viewer comments:
#419263 Rating: 10 10 May 2014
#390465 Rating: 10 15 Feb 2013
#365770 Rating: 9 23 Mar 2012
One of my favorite subjects. Luv the entire look. Would luv to have kits this size
#364943 Rating: 10 12 Mar 2012
How the metals join with the rest of the army can only be achieved by masters like you. Great reds, great scratchs, great freehands, great... great... great... Oh, and marvellous face expression, like: come on, I've got something for you... Probably the best Space Marines I've ever seen! FELICIDADES ALFONSO Y DIEGO!
#363175 Rating: 9 18 Feb 2012
The painting is great but the composition is a bit disappointing, as the angel posture by the way. The chaos warrior just run and don't seems to care that a blood angel is going to shoot him. He don't even look at him. It's a bit sad to make minis like that and failed on the composition/basing/posture. For the sword and the demon, I think GW just don't care about 75/120mm diorama, as it's not what they sale. So it's pretty logical that this diorama don't take a sword, even if a gold demon should have been a minimum, as it's still an impressive work/result.
#363141 Rating: 10 18 Feb 2012
Otra delicia... me flipa el rojo, es un tono precioso. Y es brutal el gesto de la cara de sobrao de "me la fuma lo chungo q creas q eres flipao" XD. Es una PASADA de diorama. Lo digo aqui también, la gente q vota 7 en esta mini da una pena de no te menees. If you rate this mini under a 9... you sucks... make a favour for the rest of this world and kill yourself, you are pathetic. Ala, ya me he quedao agusto Sois la caña chavales
#363102 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2012
I'm stunned, the scene looks so real, magnificent ! This blood angel's little smile says: I'm pulling a trigger, you won't get me, I mean their faces tell the story
#363082 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2012
Nicely done and I have to agree with Dims - it is way better than the eventual Slayer Sword winner. I know I've given this a 10 but I have to say the the Blood Angel looks a little too happy. Maybe he's been smoking too much obscura or something. Keep on truckin'.
#363060 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2012
I think the English jury was jaleous...
#363031 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2012
Es una autentica maravilla para el ojo, vaya tela con el dúo.... aportais con cada nueva cosa que veo, algo diferente, con un grandisimo trabajo previo de realizacion, cada objeto de la escena tiene su porqué eso no es nada facil hacerlo, y vosotros lo hacéis y a lo grande. Sin ser el creador de la obra, he de decir que me siento orgulloso de ver que gente nuestra hace cosas tan grandes como esta y manteniendose arriba, a pesar de las dificultades. un fuerte Abrazo!!!






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