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Decorated Brass Scorpion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by odinsgrandson


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Decorated Brass Scorpion

Decorated Brass Scorpion

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#441302 21 Aug 2015
Thanks BloodAsMedium. I actually disagree a little. I honestly don't think that someone has to be a better painter in order to offer criticism- some of my best critics (those that help me improve) do not paint as well as I do. Some people might express it harshly here, and it might sound like it is hate that's mis-directed at me, but what they're really arguing against is the rating this mini got from the Coolmini community. - I think you can tell that it isn't really 'hate' when a detractor says "Ugh, I give this an 8" -in other words, this mini is *only* excellent. CMON is far from a perfect judge, and this mini plays into some community biases (large mini, Forgeworld, extensive freehand that's a bit busy). I can understand people being upset when something looks overrated. The comments came from the time this mini was in flux. It got ranked all the way to the very top of my gallery- and I honestly feel this falls quite short of my own very best work. So thank you everyone for your comments- good and bad. I do read them, and I do consider criticisms when painting forward.
#441283 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2015
Really wonderful. Just live critics that say things but have no galleries of projects to show a comparison of why one would listen to their comments in the first place. I am sure odinsgrandson is like everybody else including me if you leave a comment and a critic why we should listen to you at least have proof you earned your right to criticize by have a gallery hopefully with scores higher than the one your critiquing ! Excellent work 10/10!!
#389642 Rating: 9 4 Feb 2013
Stupendous attention to detail, lovely looking 'mini' ;P
#366671 Rating: 8 3 Apr 2012
I like it, I just think it has too much stuff going on, too much visual information. And besides that, it lacks some weathering or filtering to make the freehand as part of the model, instead of having that decal-like look. It lacks that lived-in feel.
#364462 Rating: 8 6 Mar 2012
I agree with me in Japan, I think 8.5 but for patience a 10
#364448 Rating: 10 6 Mar 2012
#364233 Rating: 8 3 Mar 2012
Just to clarify... A score of 8 counts as "Amazing" - dont see where there is any "hate" in that. Its in amazing mini. Nuff said. ^^
#364226 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2012
I could give you a 9, but all this comments about "the skulls" and the quality of your freehand make me to give you a straight 10! keep working m8 your are good!!!
#364214 Rating: 8 3 Mar 2012
I think the freehand is an impressive feat of patience, and one which I don't fancy trying myself, however I have to agree that the overall impression of the mini is somewhat lacking in atmosphere. The skulls are all painted at the same brightness, which means that there is no overall feeling of light and shade to the mini - it comes across as flat. The skulls are also quite simply outlined/blocked in, and would benefit from some individual highlighting and shading. The weathering on the red is a good start, but needs more work with either inks, oils, pigments or all three to make it look scruffier. Overall, it looks like a very promising mini which could be taken to higher levels with the addition of some more work to add contrast, depth and atmosphere. As for ghostbear's comment - the comments others have made are just their opinions, and we post our pictures on this site in order to receive said opinions. Please try to respect other's views, even if they are not the same as your own.
#364213 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2012
Wow man so much hate on this mini, its a shame, the freehand to me looks very archaic, like this vehicle is from another dimension in the past. The rest of it is great, the metal work looks fantastic. I will say I have seen some amazing pieces on this site, some to the degree of godlike paintwork, but for originality this one has it. I am very much a fan of this and not the main stream blended minis that this site thinks are best. Nice work!






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