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Lathiem Oakleaf
Manufacturer: Enigma
Category: Fantasy

by jarhead


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Lathiem Oakleaf

Lathiem Oakleaf

This one is my Painting Class figure of Stephan Rath's painting class in Munich.

I did try to paint the things he showed to us and for me I can only resume that I really learned a lot about working with a clear structure and some cleaner areas than usual. I also tried to keep him pretty colourful, but in the end I think it is a bit too much and makes him look pretty gay ...

Whatever in the end it was a real joyable experience - I hope you like him too on his base full of spring ...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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#365342 Rating: 8 17 Mar 2012
Hi, I like the base very much. the colour and feeling there is good. The painting itslef is fine but I have seen much better from you, I especially dont like the sword, it seem like it is not yet finished (in my eyes). The skin colour is very good especially the face. I want too give it a 9 but some aspects make it an 8 in my eyes. Hope this helps, would be nice if you could explain the teniques that where practised in the session (I am curious), also I guess there was a limited time for you all too work on the figure. Regarding the colour looking too colourful, I believe it is good too make those one also from time too time also it is difficult and a challenge too change the "feel and look" that you normally paint and a nice way too improve your painting to do that from time to time.






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