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by jarhead

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Sometimes ...

... there are hard times when it comes to motivation of miniature painting.

You all know what I mean. The lack of ideas, too much routine during painting, not dancing with the muse and all seems to fade out to grey ... Sometimes I got those days too. Sometimes they take weeks to pass by and painting is not what it used to be.

During such days - while wandering the dark valleys of nothing - I did start one of those nice russian Barbarians by the Russian Alternative Label at a painting class of mine in Graz, Austria. After those wonderful paintjobs by Yellow One I wanted to made mine in a Slaanesh theme. Bad idea. I totally got lost during the project and in the end I hated myself for choosing a colour scheme I wasn't able to paint on that particular figure. This went so far that the problem I had with this figure transfered to other of my projects. I really got lost and took the project aside.

In the end I found a very personal solution to this figure and finished it with a totally different topic. I just transfered what I felt into the project and it made BAM! again ... In the end I found fun again by not taking the project too serious, I did take it personal - hope you like it!

Indeed that is not what I planned first,

but it really was helping me to get my mind free again ...

Let me know what you think and if you know these moments and days and weeks too?

Keep on happy painting!

Best Wishes


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Viewer comments:
#397022 Rating: 9 16 May 2013
Wtf ... 7.7? Ratings on here are just stupid -.- Very nice Roman, I like it a lot, as I feel that way veeeeery often
#390046 Rating: 9 9 Feb 2013
Thats how I feel a lot!
#371816 Rating: 9 16 Jun 2012
Great work, clever and creative. As someone who has also done a "miniature about miniature painting" I empathize entirely with your creative frustration and expression of it.
#371674 Rating: 10 15 Jun 2012
Amazing work!
#371665 Rating: 10 14 Jun 2012
And I liked))
#371624 Rating: 10 14 Jun 2012
Hello Roman. I'm just in one of those moments ... It seem taking a long time to pass... I like your way to fix it. Maybe i'll try something like that too.
#371616 Rating: 10 13 Jun 2012
HAHA, The Happy Painting Slapper! ... Love it, so much Energy in his Brushstroke! ^_^... Great Work, love the "sloppy" Yellow Colour, nicely displayed, real Punk attitude...^_^... 10 Points...






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