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Imperial Fists Stormtalon
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Home Of CadaveR


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Imperial Fists Stormtalon

Imperial Fists Stormtalon

I decided to add some flying punch to my Fists... starting with the brand new Stormtalon! I don't know about you but I love the Apache-meets-Space-Marines feeling of it. and this little fella packs quite a few punches in his arsenal.

Overall I'm quite happy with the result, although I had an accident with the varnish, that destroyed the clear plastic of the cockpit... :S In the end I had to paint it over and lose all the painted details on the inside ... oh well, I will be more careful with the next one...!

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Viewer comments:
#382847 16 Nov 2012
Thank you dsrrichter! I really love the concept too. Its a Space Marines Apache Gunship!
#382828 Rating: 10 15 Nov 2012
Great all around flyer. I really like the whole concept.
#374299 26 Jul 2012
haha its never too late Moric
#374267 Rating: 10 26 Jul 2012
this is so well painted i need to paint my flyers now as Imperial fists!
#373963 Rating: 8 20 Jul 2012
Top notch! The weathering is great as is the base!
#373423 12 Jul 2012
Thank you so much for your comments!! Spyrus, you are making White Scars too? That would be a great sight on the table painted from you! Can't wait to see them!
#373354 Rating: 10 11 Jul 2012
Love it!!! Wait till you see mine!!! White Scars meet Imperial Fists!!! Any Wayz Nice paintjob!!!
#373334 Rating: 9 11 Jul 2012
the weathering is top knoch






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