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Nurgle Lord
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by agent_venom

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Nurgle Lord

Nurgle Lord

This is my entry into the Australian Golden Demon Warhanner Fantasy Single. I was lucky to win gold in this category which was the strongest one this year I think in a great turnout of entrants on this Golden Demon this year.

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Viewer comments:
#382949 Rating: 10 18 Nov 2012
Nurgle at its finest/foulest
#378315 Rating: 6 21 Sep 2012
Good point on the clear water. Intersting to hear of the reasons for use. After prepping my single entry for GDUK I totally get this now. Great piece. Will
#377814 Rating: 10 14 Sep 2012
Magic. I think the clear acid works really well and it doesn't need to be tinted.
#377677 Rating: 10 12 Sep 2012
I should help Mark explain. The reason why he ultimately went with clear resin, is that he was afraid it would get disqualified because the judges may not see the gaming base. Even on the day, the judges had to discuss and re-read the rules on basing, and finally accepted the base for the single category, which made for such a nervous time for him, watching them from afar holding the model during the cut, and discussing it.
#377612 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2012
Very good model, truly inspiring.
#377606 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2012
Well done on the slayer sword for this mini too!! I think the composition and colours on this saved your ass, and got you the sword. Your graphic design background definitely showed through. Like the framing of the spikes on the ground, to vertical organic elements on the base, choosing which part of the axe to go dark on, etc.
#377591 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2012
Congratulations on the first place. The water is especially nice, how did you make that?
#377585 Rating: 10 10 Sep 2012
You forget to mention one little thing Mark...This also won the slayer sword...Congrats, well deserved
#377579 Rating: 10 10 Sep 2012
amazing work
#377570 Rating: 9 10 Sep 2012
Really nice (8.5 for me ;-)- painting is superb and you've done a great smooth job. I like the purple guts as a change to the normal red/mouldy ones. The only negative for me is the water effect, way too clean and not in keeping with the mini overall. Kinda looks like he's stuck in some glass. If the water was muddied and grotty this would be a solid 9






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