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Hard Corps VS Hive Mind
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Nakatan

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Hard Corps VS Hive Mind

Hard Corps VS Hive Mind

More detailed photos here - MOAR details - including close-ups of the creatures and additional views of characters.

As usual, no airbrushing =)

WIPs, step-by-steps and more on my Patreon
I`m accepting commissions. Drop me a message, if you interested.

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Viewer comments:
#446998 Rating: 10 28 Feb 2016
I m a very big fan of Contra. I have every games in every language (Not Contra 3 Corean version, it's very rare). This diorama is awesome !!! Very very inspiring !!!
#419966 Rating: 10 20 May 2014
#419664 Rating: 10 16 May 2014
#415466 Rating: 9 3 Apr 2014
Vasquez from Alien 2? Goo looks alienish too...
#413269 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2014
This is so much fun, expertly realised and a real nostalgia trip )
#411598 20 Jan 2014
Well, pals, don`t forget that those minis are aged about to go to the high school. It`s obivous to everyone, that they are not even closely so-cool-looking as their modern analogues. But they are somewhat of classics, as, say, King-Kong of 1933. I painted them to my best, and quite satisfied with result. Those minis have some sort of charisma, i guess. So, please, don`t be too hard doing your jugement on them.
#411429 Rating: 9 17 Jan 2014
I agree that it is not as technically perfect a some of the stuff but this is as original a diorama as I have ever seen. Bravo!
#397626 Rating: 7 25 May 2013
I'm really struggling to see how this has such a high score. Good painting, not great. Really atmospheric, but not to my taste at all.
#395198 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2013
Incredible. especially background - so rich and thematic!
#394635 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2013
damn cool !






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