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Isabeau the Secret
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by HonourGuard

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Isabeau the Secret

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#451590 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2016
#415079 Rating: 10 27 Mar 2014
Flawless live how every scene has a miniature enviorment a literal small miniature works you create to perch each model on that is as perfect as the model himself.
#382261 Rating: 10 8 Nov 2012
Beautifully painted figure and the base is just amazing.
#382089 Rating: 10 6 Nov 2012
I know what you mean about the scale (I paint 10 mm models, so it's always infuriating when people don't vote the scale). In any event, this is gorgeous. I LOVE the level of detail in the base. The coloration of the main figure almost clashes with it, but not so that I'll vote it down.
#381963 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2012
I think that the base is wonderful!
#381743 Rating: 9 2 Nov 2012
Very nice job. The level of detail you put into such a small model is very impressive. The basing is fantastic. IMHO the contrast could be a bit higher though, especially on the armor. For me, that would push this from a 9 to a 10.
#381719 Rating: 9 2 Nov 2012
It is a beautiful piece! The display adds a feeling and somewhat tells a story. Amazing work. I love the colors you used on the mini. Keep on painting....
#381703 Rating: 9 2 Nov 2012
Superbe piece. Love the atmosphere. Excellent work on the figurine and the decor. Congratulation.
#381688 Rating: 10 2 Nov 2012
I don't mind the 1ct piece, but it would be better in a picture lower down. What would be ideal though, is if CMON had scale categories! I find it astounding that a 90mm bust should be judged alongside a 28mm model, but without any scale information at all. I really love this work. Beautiful model, great colour choices and a stunningly realistic backdrop...
#381686 Rating: 6 2 Nov 2012
Wie auch schon auf Facebook geschrieben ....Sehr sehr geil geworden...Schade das man nur einmal auf die 10 drücken kann






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