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Flower knight
Manufacturer: Kingdom Death
Category: Fantasy

by greengobbo


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Flower knight

Flower knight

Here you are some pics of my latest work.... I'm tryng to enter to wamp forum to post this in the gallery but actually i can't
It's for the kingdom death contest
First of all a really BIG thank to Matteo Murelli, my master, my jedi, my mentor! He always judge me and encourage

So this is a miniature from my favorite company, Kingdom Death! I decide to change some parts to feel better with it.... And do a kind of Hamlet ^^

This is an experiment for me. I wanna absolutely introduce more colours in my painting and get a more clean style.
Hope you like it!

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Viewer comments:
#419459 Rating: 10 13 May 2014
I vote 10 for this mini once again. Flawless
#412439 Rating: 9 4 Feb 2014
che pezzone, bravo palu!
#382604 Rating: 10 13 Nov 2012
u r doing really fast steps to a nice style and pleasure painting. I really like this piece. Compliment!
#381494 Rating: 10 30 Oct 2012
mi piace tantissimo, soprattutto lo schema cromatico (l'accostamento viola-arancio sta benissimo) e la basetta molto "darkeggiante". l'unica cosa che non mi convince è il teschio ma a parte questo è perfetto, complimenti!!!
#381287 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2012
#381235 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2012
Fantastic work !
#381216 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2012
great work, loving the spot-on fabrics colors, and the skull seems a nice touch, although it seems a bit too "aftermarket" hehe. congrats, and good luck with the contest!
#381203 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2012
che pezzino!!!!
#381201 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2012
Mindblowing metallics!
#381186 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2012
Bellissima palette e pittura ottima! Bravissimo!!






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