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Epic Space Hulk
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by vincegamer

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Epic Space Hulk

Epic Space Hulk

First we have a close-up of the Space Hulk board game but at an odd angle and on a strangely textured "table top".
Back out and you can see the whole board, blips, genestealers and terminators.
Back out further and yes, that's my refrigerator!
Proof of my insanity? or my obsession with gaming?
I figured I needed something for those long road trips or when I'm visiting a friend in NY. The idea of a travel version of Space Hulk hit me. I'm doing the entire game in Epic scale with magnetic bases and tiles!
The genestealers are painted in the colors described on the Space Hulk box.
The termis are painted a pale olive drab which I happen to like, with their knees and buckles done as red gems to add some life.
For a close-up of the terminator go to
Next step in the project is to redo the board now that I have a color printer.
Then I need to locate a box for one of those magnetic chess sets to use as the playing surface/storage box for use in the car or on the plain.

Let me know what you think.

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Viewer comments:
#383801 Rating: 10 29 Nov 2012
Pure genius!
#321653 Rating: 10 9 May 2010
This idea truly deserves the title "epic"
#301542 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2009
PS. @ 'Random Person' I'm sure Vince is a perfectly good looking chap and doesn't 'ming' in the slightest.
#301541 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2009
It just goes to show that genius can come in small packages - and, err - stuck to a fridge... Bellissimo!
#267076 Rating: 10 11 Aug 2008
I always thought Space Hulk looked intriguing, but always gave it a pass. I remember you'd done this and I've been looking into Space Hulk, so I had to look it up again....this is so darn cool!
#260658 Rating: 8 1 Jun 2008
great idea. but epic minis are a bit tiny to play as individual pieces. id like GW to start making epic on a 15mm scale (like flames of war), you will still have the big battles but with better looking figures. good work. 8/10.
#227436 Rating: 10 20 Jun 2007
Such an awesome idea!
#209504 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2007
gotta do this myself!
#166772 Rating: 8 6 Feb 2006
Haha - SWEET !!
#162419 Rating: 10 6 Jan 2006
The paint job is definately good, though not overly impressive. But is it a cool mini or not? Yup! 10






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