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Chaos Helldrake of Nurgle
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Home Of CadaveR

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Chaos Helldrake of Nurgle

Chaos Helldrake of Nurgle

I have finally managed to finish my version of the Chaos Helldrake which I was planning to do for a long time! I am really not a big fan of the Helldrake model, but a HUGE fan of papa Nurgle, so the idea of a giant fly came as no surprise especially after I have seen this on Games Workshop blog!

The model is a conversion using the great Arachnarok spider kit and tons of greenstuff... I also figured out a great and easy way of making greenstuff tubing, check my blog for WIP pics and more!

I painted the model using airbrush in various shades of green and fleshy tones, but I also used lots of pigments, especially for the rust, as you can see on the rotors and on other places!

I would really love to hear your comments!

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Viewer comments:
#400925 22 Jul 2013
Thank you Footoomba! So glad that you liked it!
#400859 Rating: 9 20 Jul 2013
Never was a huge fan of the Helldrake but yours is killer
#391615 1 Mar 2013
Tried my best to make it as nasty as possible!
#391568 Rating: 9 28 Feb 2013
Dude! Nasty!
#389303 31 Jan 2013
So it seems that this conversion served its purpose! Thank you!
#389264 Rating: 9 31 Jan 2013
Think I prefer this to the actual Heldrake!
#389261 31 Jan 2013
Once again your feedback is what keeps me inspired and motivated!! Thank you!!
#389260 Rating: 8 31 Jan 2013
A flying spider... A flying spider. Great, I totally didn't need to sleep today. You sir have given life to an abomination from the depths of hell. I hope You are proud.
#389163 Rating: 6 30 Jan 2013
Well that I was correct. No shame in being inspired, it still looks awesome. Actually I cant understand people what write " this ticks all of my boxes" and then score you 8... meh we cant understand everything in the universe
#389146 30 Jan 2013
Thank you people once again! Your feedback is really appreciated!






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