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Sister of battle with a heavy bolter 2.1
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Mechian


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Sister of battle with a heavy bolter 2.1

Sister of battle with a heavy bolter 2.1

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Details of a base is under ID:32801

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#290841 Rating: 10 19 Apr 2009
I like the heavy bolder model for sob a lot and the cracked paint looks realy nice and i agree with Tom Bombadil now when i look at the ammunition again, they do look like lipstick
#186239 Rating: 10 19 Jul 2006
LMAO the bolter shells look like lipstick...its still a verry well painted model. i love it Bye, Tom Bombadil
#168103 Rating: 9 18 Feb 2006
Nice Colors, good Blending but the bullets? It looks like she´s shooting Lipsticks or something! Very good Work!
#96320 Rating: 10 3 Aug 2004
This is just great. Nothing else but great.
#87863 Rating: 9 3 Jun 2004
There it is, your base... Fits well, I'm impressed. Go on doing such great paint jobs!
#70866 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2004
thats weak, why is this model averaging 8.8? some people just cant be pleased. this is just truly awesome. i'd give this a twelve or a thirteen if i could, theres nothing about this model that doesnt jump out and kick you in the teeth. (in a good way)
#64595 Rating: 10 11 Dec 2003
Very good painting and details, lovley. The Base is very creative, bravo.
#58258 Rating: 9 24 Oct 2003
she looks more like an adventurer in some sci fi world than a soldier for some reason.. well painted sister, you don't see that too often!
#55746 Rating: 9 1 Oct 2003
i'm with dragonsreach concerning the rust... but the choice of colors is very good and the blendings are superb... a well deserved 9 IMHO...
#55722 Rating: 8 30 Sep 2003
Excellently done Sister, very clean painting. I actually quite like the rust and dirt - shows that even the Ecclesiarchy might sometimes get bogged down in long term battles rather than just skipping out from the nunnery for a quick jaunt






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