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Khador Warcaster : Butcher of Khardov
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Category: Fantasy

by Kelly Kim


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Khador Warcaster : Butcher of Khardov

Khador Warcaster : Butcher of Khardov

I painted this model quite some time ago... I believe it was when the the very first Warmachine : Prime book was released (early 2002). My friend and I had recieved the GenCon release of the very first WM models (he got the Cygnar box, and I recieved the Khador box... two metal warjacks and Sorcha in a plain brown corrugated box, along with a printed sheet with their "quickstart" playtest rules). It piqued my interest enough to grab this model and the actual rulebook when it was first released.

After reading through the book, I noticed a tiny mention of the Butcher's personal retinue being called the "dragon" something or other (I'll have to dig up my old rulebook to get the exact line). Inspired by that tiny little tidbit, I then proceeded to paint his shoulder plates in a dragon scale pattern, and applied the same scheme to the rest of my Khador army (including freehand dragon faces to my warjacks).

The scales on this pic came out a bit flat... each one was shaded and highlighted, meaning that this was one of the more time-consuming decisions I had made. The snow effects were a later addition... I purchased some Secret Weapon Miniatures crushed glass about a year ago, and I needed a model to try it out on. I really like the stuff, although it doesn't photograph well (it sparkles nicely as it catches the light as you turn the model in your hand).

In any case, this model is an oldie-but-a-goodie, in my opinion. I recall thinking that if they could maintain this quality of sculpting, this little upstart company could go places... lol. Now, I haven't played WM in some time, but just a little while ago, I was in my local shop, admiring the latest releases, when a guy I had never seen before came up to me and asked me what faction I played. I responded Khador, to which he replied, "Oh, every newbie plays Khador. It's sickening...". I bit my tongue, and tried not to smirk. I'm sure if I dug through my closet long enough, I'd be able to find that original brown cardboard box and the pre-release playtest rules.

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