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Kingdom Death: Monster Starting Survivors
Manufacturer: Kingdom Death
Category: Fantasy

by Iacton


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Kingdom Death: Monster Starting Survivors

Kingdom Death: Monster Starting Survivors

Zachary, Ezra, Allister and Lucy. The (fantastically sculpted) starting minis for the upcoming Kingdom Death game. An absolute joy to paint.

Individual views...

Happy days!

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Viewer comments:
#439419 Rating: 10 29 Jun 2015
KD:M is coming soon and you have ruined it all of us! Really great work, four times over.
#422641 Rating: 10 29 Jun 2014
The words no, what gorgeous murals!
#397750 26 May 2013
Thanks peeps To clarify what I wrote above, these minis are actually for the Kingdom Death studio, so I needed to stay close to the concept art and show off the details of the wonderful sculpts, so yes, maybe the OSL doesn't necessarily work as well with a white background, but that is the colour background always used by the studio. I am very pleased that people like them though and they should be great fun for everyone to paint when they are released near the end of the year
#397627 Rating: 10 25 May 2013
Thisi is a really great paintjob. Bravo!
#397610 Rating: 8 24 May 2013
Sorry for the double vote but... Great job! My biggest complaint on the models is that it's a big schizophrenic... The OSL from the lantern seems too bright considering the lack of shadows... Either the source would have to be much brighter or the color would be much more muted as it would blend with the natural light coming from above. Your white speaker pinup illustrates this better.
#397608 Rating: 9 24 May 2013
Minor note is that you might want to take another picture of them on a black background so we can see the OSL pop. Otherwise great work on the minis!
#397582 Rating: 10 24 May 2013
Love the wide range of skintones you have used and the highlights cast from the lamps! Can't wait to get mine!
#397231 Rating: 9 19 May 2013
Really like the pale one... but you knew that already... good stuff mate
#397212 Rating: 8 18 May 2013
Great work!
#397159 Rating: 9 18 May 2013
Well done






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