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Imperial Fists Centurion Devastators
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Home Of CadaveR


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Imperial Fists Centurion Devastators

Imperial Fists Centurion Devastators

I have finally finished something after a long long time! Building up stuff for my Imperial Fists army, this time I decided to paint the models everyone just love to hate! Tabletop quality but I am just happy that I managed to finish something after all those unfinished projects. I would love to hear what you think.

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#430203 24 Nov 2014
Thank you for your kind comments! Glad you like them so much!
#430194 Rating: 10 23 Nov 2014
Love the vision you have for these, could mention the specifics but overall they just click for me
#408724 27 Nov 2013
Thank you so much for the comment! Its true that weathering really suit these models and I also like my marines fully war torn and weathered! I checked your gallery and your versions are really great! I love the Imperial Fists Centurion you painted!
#408682 Rating: 8 26 Nov 2013
Nice job!! The thing is I've done two of these myself an ultramarine and an imperial fist!! And these centurions just SCREAM for weathering and rust chips pigment powders and all sorts of fun stuff!! Great artists think alie as usual! Nice job cadaver!!
#408633 25 Nov 2013
Thank you! Glad you like my work. I kinda like the bear heads a bit more than the helmets. I used the helmet for the sergeant to make him stand out a bit from the rest of the models. 2 of the 3 bases are from GW's basing kit (which fits perfectly on the new round bases) beefed up a little with some extra gravel, and the third one (he one with the rocky slates) is scratchbuilt with cork and gravel. You can see some WIPs in my blog:
#408621 Rating: 8 25 Nov 2013
I like the weathering and rust effects. Also nice touch with the OSL from the grav-cannon. I personally don't like the bare headed look because of how small the heads look, but they fit fairly well with the yellow paint scheme. And what did you use for the bases? Did you make them or are they resin?






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