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Adeptus Arbites 969th Precinct
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Category: Terrain

by Home Of CadaveR


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Adeptus Arbites 969th Precinct

Adeptus Arbites 969th Precinct

Hello everyone!

I have been working on this piece of terrain for quite a long time now, just finished it and wanted to share it with you!

I am really happy on how it came out. I used quite a big variety of various terrain bits from various companies, mainly Quatum Gothic (sadly these pieces seem to be OOP), Syberclicks and some GW pieces.

I used a dark blue main color, followed by tons of weathering powders oils and metallics to give the whole building a true grim dark feeling.

I finished the looks by adding some signs I printed from some templates I found over at BOLS!

I really hope you like it as much as I do and I would love to hear your comments.

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Viewer comments:
#415626 5 Apr 2014
Not really sure what you mean johnny rocket but thank you for your comment.
#415609 Rating: 7 5 Apr 2014
i like the commitment and follow through smile
#415219 30 Mar 2014
merci beaucoup!

#415201 Rating: 10 29 Mar 2014
J'adore , trop sympa et bien réalisé !
#415161 29 Mar 2014
Thank you for your comment heliodorus. In fact I did take into consideration how big a typical 40K foot soldier is so that he can take cover behind the fortifications and for a 10 man squad to fit nicely into one place each time. The building is exactly 3" per storey and the watch tower needs 6" to climb to the top. All buildings have access points in the form of ladders or doors.
#415146 Rating: 9 29 Mar 2014
I think it's a terrific terrain piece. I'm curious about your design considerations. Did you take into consideration how much space 40K squads (or whatever) might take up in order to size spaces large enough for typical unit sizes? Just curious. Again, excellent work. Would love to dig my Tau in there.
#415109 28 Mar 2014
Thank you Kostas! I appreciate it!
#415104 Rating: 10 28 Mar 2014
Well done mate!
#415010 26 Mar 2014
Thank you so much!
#414984 Rating: 10 26 Mar 2014
Very nice work, very realistic






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