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Rivet Wars diorama
Manufacturer: Rivet Wars
Category: Steampunk

by elTonioBerg

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Rivet Wars diorama

Competition: CMON Contest 27 - Rivet Wars Painting Competition!
Rivet Wars diorama

That's my first diorama ever. Getting the hang of composition might take a while, but I really liked doing it.

Pictures aren't perfect, but they probably are the best I can take with a piece that size.

All comments are welcome.

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#457357 Rating: 9 31 Jul 2017
santacruzsteve: Actually, this composition work pretty good. Trenches are supposed to be small and enclosed. By making the trench the smaller element (going diagonal would make it longer/larger), he's created a sense of claustrophobia, while the wider no-man's-land invokes that hopeless fear of traversing a plain of death. In fact, the smaller it is, the more the viewer feels the sense of being cornered that the lone soldier feels, as he cowers there waiting for the inevitable, death closing in - or steeling his nerve and waiting for a chance to pop up and take his shot. If anything, the trench should be more narrow and cluttered with bits of detritus: crates, cans, barrels, etc., to really emphasize the tight quarters. An outstanding piece. Absolutely love it.
#418954 Rating: 6 7 May 2014
This is AWESOME! Can you imagine and entire Rivet Wars Board made like this??
#418692 4 May 2014
Thanks everyone. @santacruzsteve: I had the same idea at the end of the project. Making the scene works in the pictures was hard with this set-up. I'll know better for next time.
#418654 Rating: 9 4 May 2014
Next time make the trench go diagonally across the base, adds a dynamic element. As a first attempt this is brilliant, and I'm adding a +1 for being ballsy enough to do a diorama in the first place!
#418636 Rating: 9 4 May 2014
Very nice.
#418481 Rating: 10 2 May 2014
The Diorama really captures the atmosphere! For a first attempt, that's even more amazing! Best of luck






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