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Firey Angel
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by victoria

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Firey Angel

Firey Angel

This was my Duel entry for the 2003 Australin Golden Demon. I wanted to try something a bit more dynamic than two figures on a 50mm base waving their weapons at each other. It was inspired from classic sci-fi imagery, hence the bendy arms on the dread, these were done by wrapping soldering wire around a core of heavy coat hanger wire. I also wanted to have a flying figure that did not have a bit of wire coming out of an odd place or that was stuck to a tree/pillar. The flames were sculpted from green stuff on thin wire supports.
The big challenge though was the lighting. I wanted to go a bit more extreme than " Sister Joan". The challenge here was getting a strong effect without background scenery to reflect the light. I kept the hot /cool contrast high. Almost everything not effected by the flames if painted in cold shades of grey. The flame itself is big and bright to provide a focal point.
The sister is heavily repositioned and her head is scratchbuilt from greenstuff.
This model placed third in its category.

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Viewer comments:
#471404 Rating: 10 7 Jul 2021
I remember when this came out! It has always been one of my favorites! I am glad to see it stood the test of time!
#466340 Rating: 9 5 Jul 2019
Amazing !!
#463060 Rating: 10 7 Jul 2018
This is a model that changed the hobby. It seems completely insufficient to give it a "10" when it's one of the foundational images in all of miniature painting. And what the hell were the judges smoking back in 2003? This is a masterpiece.
#457677 Rating: 10 28 Aug 2017
just WOW
#440516 Rating: 10 29 Jul 2015
#432835 Rating: 10 27 Jan 2015
Very cool. Love the flame effect.
#404297 Rating: 10 19 Sep 2013
"Amazing" is not the right word. I can't find it. This is... this is...
#395683 Rating: 10 26 Apr 2013
OK, this is something REALLY unique here. Pearl. 10 years. TEN years! I remember when I started painting miniatures (over 10 years ago) and this duel appeared here few years later. You have one of the best votes, views, over 240 comments (this one is another) in CMON ranking and thjs piece is still on the TOP. For me - the best OSL ever. Rich, warm colours and very realistic execution. Great atmosphere, this work won't getting older, never. Another 10 points for 10th Anniversary in this year Wish to you another 10 years on CMON with this duel! Peace and love! Best regards-Slawol!
#394525 Rating: 10 11 Apr 2013
Amazing fire effects!
#392873 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2013
epic...just epic.






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