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Dragonlance's Tanis Half-Elven
Manufacturer: Ral Partha
Category: Fantasy

by SaxonAngel


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Dragonlance's Tanis Half-Elven

Dragonlance's Tanis Half-Elven

A very nicely detailed old mini based on some Elmore calendar art.

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#440406 Rating: 8 25 Jul 2015
I rember getting the Dragon lance hero set for a christmas gift. That was about the same time my daughter was born and learned some techniques for miniature painting. You did a fantastic job of this model in my opinion.
#334484 Rating: 8 13 Nov 2010
Wow! haven't seen this in years. Have both sets somewhere.
#289961 Rating: 9 10 Apr 2009
Ral partha made the whole crew in minautures. that includes:tanis, raistlin, riverwind, camaron, sturm, goldmoon, tasslehoff and flint. and more...
#161142 Rating: 9 26 Dec 2005
Very nice work! Not as good as Raistlin, but still very beautiful! I'm very impressed! And btw, do you know does Ral Partha have any else dl minis than Tanis and Raistlin? I'd like to know, and if there is, can you give the address to the page. I didn't find myself. Thanks!
#126621 Rating: 9 17 Mar 2005
This mini is slightly smaller than the average mini, and it freaks me out how well you've painted this. Kudos to you! (wishing there were more Dragonlance minis posted)
#71942 Rating: 10 31 Jan 2004
I agree, he looks like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. Fortunatly, I have read 64 Dragonlance novels and I know that's how Tanis felt. Thrust into the role of a leader and he doesn't belive he's right for the part. Beautifully done!!!
#66056 Rating: 9 23 Dec 2003
Nicely done Angela but my he looks as if he has the whole world on his shoulders, as if he has already made up his mind of the outcome and resinde himself to it??
#63716 Rating: 9 5 Dec 2003
Beautiful! Nice to see him finally done. The color choices rock. I suspect he looks better in real but then I have seen him - Glyn






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