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Nymdred, lich on Mortis Engine
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Nym

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Nymdred, lich on Mortis Engine

Nymdred, lich on Mortis Engine

My first large painted miniature with sculpted (greenstuff) character.

"Nymdred was a short man with unclear origins. After a troubled childhood, he studied magic in the colleges of Altdorf before turning to necromancy after tragic events. He fled to the forest of Shadows when his forbiden works were discovered. After longer researches, and contacts with unholy forest spirits, he could finally find a path to immortality: he became a lich. He now rules a small ruined domain, deep in the dark forest, where undeads and forest spirits gather in strange processions, very far from civilization.

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Viewer comments:

#454730 5 Feb 2017
Thanks a lot for your comments ;-) I agree that the painting is reather classical, but it was a pleasure to paint it.
#454685 Rating: 6 2 Feb 2017
Very good i love this
#454673 Rating: 10 1 Feb 2017
Love the atmosphere
#454444 Rating: 9 18 Jan 2017
This miniature is the proof that its not some fancy painting techniques or ultra small freehands that can make the mini great but some steady hand and basic painting techniques combined with overall MOOD of the mini can score a 8-10 marks. Good job man!
#454365 Rating: 9 11 Jan 2017
Perfect atmosphere, beautiful pictures. Not sure if the paintwork deserves a super-high voting (I mean I think it is more of an 8 than a 10), but in my opinion I find the presentation and ambience that this piece distillates, does really deserve a high rating, so I will vote for a 9.
#454213 Rating: 10 3 Jan 2017
this is sick






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