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Celestine The Living Saint
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Corvus


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Celestine The Living Saint

Celestine The Living Saint

From the first time I saw this model I knew I had to paint it. IMO it's the best Games Workshop sculpt of the past 2 years. The facial expression, the pose and the many details and overall gothic feel makes this miniature of exceptionally high quality.
So I had to put a paintjob on this one that should do this model honour. The base is made up out of cork bits, a plastic gothic arc from the 40K scenery set, and sand.
Long before I bought this model I already knew I wanted to do a gold and red color scheme. When Mayne Thiele's version appeared, I was inspired by his use of a limited color pallette.

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#101492 Rating: 9 11 Sep 2004
I would have said: "It is impossible to paint Celestine badly", if I hadn´t seen a very badly painted version just today. Your version is great though. I especially like the palette you used.
#99123 Rating: 9 24 Aug 2004
Very,very nice.Solid 9.
#99016 Rating: 9 23 Aug 2004
8.7 One thing I noticed, the crest of spikes is poorly done in relation to the rest of the mini. Of course the rest of the mini is near perfect.
#98997 Rating: 9 23 Aug 2004
Beautiful work Gerrie.
#98989 Rating: 9 23 Aug 2004
Gerrie this is easily your best work - it's wonderful Her armour has come out particularly well, and her face is great. Nice job done on the base too. Your holiday obviously had the right effect






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